The Amazing Race 12: Top 7 Power Rankings
On Sunday's The Amazing Race, the teams stayed in the exact same area they frequented in the previous episode.  I like Burkina Faso as much as the next guy (which equates to a vague indifference) but a big prime-time series like The Amazing Race should head to a different country, or at least a vastly different locale within a country, every episode.  Being that last episode remained in West Africa, we can surely expect a change of nation for the teams this Sunday, and with that a bottleneck somewhere along the line to put all the teams on equal footing.  We've had enough episodes now to somewhat fairly judge each team's chances for taking home the million.

#7 - Shana and Jennifer

I don't like what I see from the blondes. Call it a hunch .  They're willing to get dirty, sure, and they compete to what seems like the best of their abilities.  But, I just have a feeling their time is coming.  One misstep could easily derail them.

#6 - Nicolas and Donald

Donald is a trooper.  But, he's old.  It's an ominous sign for the team that Nicolas has to carry Donald's bags most of the time.  That's going to take its toll on Nicolas soon.  Donald is still one of the most likable older dudes to ever compete on The Amazing Race. 

#5 - Ronald and Christina

Has Ronald gotten better over the last couple episodes?  It seems that way.   But, you know, I suspect that this has more to do with editing than it does with Ronald growing as a human.  I could be wrong, who knows, but I'm not going to change my opinion of him as a jerk on the basis of two episodes.  Race-wise, they've been steady. 

#4 - TK and Rachel

They can either be really good and efficient, or they make big mistakes.  I like these two as people, and could see them going deep into the Race, but they need to get more consistent.

#3 - Kynt and Vyxsin

The goths are impressive, and their tribal dance last episode was pretty spectacular.  After interviewing Lorena and Jason and hearing them endlessly praise the goths, especially Kynt, for their kindness I like them more and more.  It'd be a great story if they won it all.

#2 - Jennifer and Nathan

They yell at each other, a lot, seem like a broken couple, but then they always finish close to the top.  Jennifer is whiny and a sore loser (as witnessed last episode at the pit stop), yet they always seem to perform exceedingly well.  I'm confused, but you have to give them their due.

#1 - Azaria and Hendekea

First place on three out of four legs.  Need I say more?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)