The Amazing Race 12: Top 6 Power Rankings
Us viewers take for granted how difficult The Amazing Race is.  Aside from Survivor, The Amazing Race is probably the most difficult reality show to participate on and, ultimately, win (the easiest: Big Brother).  Last episode, for instance, the editing made the trip from the Burkina Faso airport to Vilnius, Lithuania seem like a twelve second teleportation.  In reality, that trip lasted more than 24 hours, contained a ten hour wait in 100 degree weather in Burkina Faso and then three separate flights that lasted throughout the night.  Once the teams landed after, one would assume, little to no sleep they immediately were thrust into a whirlwind of challenges and frantic driving.  How can we expect them to think straight after that?  The remaining teams have done an excellent job at remaining head strong throughout a race that is, simply, an epic marathon.   

#6 - Jennifer and Nathan

They've done pretty well so far, flirting with a couple first place finishes, but that does not disguise their intense dislike for each other while competing.  They're like that dysfunctional couple you know who get into knock down-drag out fights every time alcohol is involved, except with Jennifer and Nathan it's not alcohol, but counting pickets on a fence or loading furniture into a three story window.  An implosion is nigh, and next episode seems about the right time for it to occur. 

#5 - Nicolas and Donald

Essentially, this is a one man team.  Nicolas does everything, including carry most of the luggage.  Donald is going to have to compete on some more road blocks at some point and there will come the time where he will kill the team on one.  I like Donald, but having him on my team would be scary as hell.

#4 - Ronald and Christina

Maybe I've been too harsh to Ronald.  Some people can't help who they are.  Ronald is a brash jerk.  That's who he is.  Christina seems to have come to terms with this and Ronald is at least somewhat self-aware of his behavior.  Last episode, he even praised Christina for something, which was shocking.  Still, the age and the hernia of Ronald will probably sink them in the end.

#3 - Kynt and Vyxsin

The editors have played down the goth-iness of these two as of late, but that's to be expected.  What we've been left with are two solid competitors, both willing and able to go balls out on the race.  These top three all have a very good chance to win the race.  I wasn't all that high on the goths early in the race, but I admit that they've grown on me.  They're exceedingly decent people. 

#2 - TK and Rachel

Rachel is my favorite female left on the race.  The spritely quasi-hippie just gets things done, and TK is the perfect laid-back foil for her.  As far as a relationship goes, I can't remember watching a couple who I thought were this good together.  The magic of editing could have something to do with that, but I think these crazy kids are going to make it.

#1 - Azaria and Hendekea

They have the ultimate advantage being siblings, because any argument will quickly be resolved.  Family members, especially siblings with such a small age gap, do little else but fight and argue.  What they don't do is hold grudges.  They also have an intense desire not to let down the other.  Azaria and Hendekea are still the big favorites to win a million dollars.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)