The Amazing Race 12: Top 4 Power Rankings
The editing on The Amazing Race is incredibly executed.  When you think about it, the fact that the show is able to make airport ticket lines one of the most exciting parts of an episode is remarkable.  Hours and hours of footage from multiple different camera people and locations are condensed into a mere 42 minutes of content, and the results make a successful reality franchise.   The caveat to this feat is that people on The Amazing Race can be portrayed in any way the editors deem fit.  If you take snippets out of any twenty four hour period of my life, I could look as sympathetic or as evil as the editor wanted to make me look.  This is why we should not rush to judgment on some Racers who may appear unsympathetic.  The Amazing Race is a stressful marathon – people tend to act a bit crazy off no sleep and stressed out of their minds.  With that in mind, let's get to the rankings. 

#4 – Nicolas and Donald

Donald is about to physically break down, if we are to believe the promos for Sunday's episode.  Nicolas is going to have to do all the work, as he's been doing, for them to have a chance.  Also, isn't it frustrating that last Sunday's bunch spot deemed Nic and Don's Fast Forward tattoos meaningless and unnecessary?  Stupid. 

#3 – Ronald and Christina

Maybe I've just put them here because Ronald pisses me off so much.  It's one thing for significant others to say awful things to each other, but family doing it is the worst.  As they say, you can't choose your family.  As such, families have to learn to relate politely and, pathetically, Ronald has not been able to learn how to treat his daughter with any sort of decency.  It's no fun to watch, and I hope they lose because of it. 

#2 – Jennifer and Nathan

Yeah, we know they bark at each other and say awful things.  But, somehow, they end up performing well on all the legs and seem to get along once the legs are over.  Is it simply possible that they are both ridiculous competitors and only become mean in the heat of battle while stressed and tired?  Are they NOT terrible people who should never, ever be together?  The editing may be making them look worse than they deserve, and I'm going to reserve judgment until a later date. 

#1 – TK and Rachel

If only because they're the most well-adjusted and will remain the most calm and even-keel team once the race winds down.  They're athletic, intelligent and will always work together well.  They have to be the favorites to win it all.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)