The Amazing Race 12: Rooting Interests - The Bad
I like to root against people on reality TV shows.  Call me a bad person, I don't care.  That's one of the great joys of reality competition shows like Survivor, The Amazing Race, even American Idol – rooting for your favorites, and rooting against those you hate.  And, when I say “hate”, I don't really mean hate. Settle down, people, there's no malicious intent here.  Just like how hugely competitive athletes hate losing more than they enjoy winning, I enjoy rooting against teams more than rooting for teams.  But, remember, when I write about who the “Bad Guys” are on The Amazing Race this season, I don't mean literally bad.  I just mean the people I happen to be rooting against for some convoluted reason or another.  Today, we're doing bad guys, tomorrow the good guys. 

The Bad Guys

(I remind you all that these are only preliminary designations.  I reserve the right to change rooting interests at any time up until episode 4 (or maybe 5))

The “Blondes Have to Earn it” Division - Shana and Jennifer 

I'm not just going to straight-away root for two blondes.  Just like Dustin and Kandice before them, Shana and Jennifer are going to have to earn it.  Unfortunately, with the little we saw of these two on Sunday, I'm not sure they'll ever get on my good side.  They don't appear to be rabid competitors, which is what I want most out of the all-girl teams.  If they compete their asses off and have some fun doing it, then maybe I'll recant.

The “Dysfunctional Couple” Division - Jennifer and Nathan

Nathan, not twenty minutes into the first episode, was caught calling Jennifer “the worst person he's ever met.”  Yikes.  That does not bode well for their long-term happiness, or for their prospects for winning the race.  I have no sympathy for verbal abuse between couples, even if it is in the heart of competition.  They do seem to make up quickly after every fight, but that doesn't mean I have to root for them. 

The “Maybe Dysfunctional Couple” Division - Lorena and Jason

Lorena really freaked out when she realized Jason had been driving the wrong way in Ireland.  Jason, in that instance, was also needlessly stubborn.  They didn't communicate very well, and I fear that this may rear its head more as the season plods along.  However, this was the only instance of team strife.  They have time to get on my good side. 

The “Reality TV isn't the Best Place for Family Therapy” Division - Ronald and Christina

This is slippery ground here, so bear with me.  I really like that after being absent for much of Christina's upbringing, Ronald is making up for lost time. That's great.  And I fully believe that Ronald's emotions are genuine.  But, there's something fundamentally wrong with forging a new, strong family relationship while cameras are following you around.  If promos for next week are any indication, these two will be airing their grievances in blatantly dramatic fashion.  Maybe I'm a bastard cynic, but it just doesn't sit right with me.

The “Want To, But Just Can't” Division - Kynt and Vyxsin

I want to root for the goth couple, I really do.  The “Oh my goth,” comment certainly doesn't help and, you know, the make-up is off-putting.  They seem to compete hard and be genuinely good people, but man, I just don't get the goth thing.  I'm cool with it, dress up however you want, it's your life.  But, I'm all for functional fashion and some semblance of practicality.  Why spend so much time on make-up?  Yeah, so that's it – I can't root for the goths because of the make-up.  Again, there's a solid chance I change my mind, but for now, I'm against Kynt and Vyxsin, but it's close.

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-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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