The Amazing Race 12: Most Improved - Week 2
It's still too early in The Amazing Race 12 to have a definitive opinion on anyone, and the massive amount of editing that goes into every episode of The Amazing Race is one of the reasons.  Even after an entire season with these teams, it's impossible to know if the editing made a team appear worse or better or different than they actually are.  But, is that going to stop us from ruthlessly judging people?  Hell, no.  What we're going to look at here is who seemed better, nicer, more equipped for The Amazing Race in episode two than in episode one.  Tomorrow, we'll do the opposite.

Lorena and Jason

They had a little tiff in the first episode, which always makes me weary – if you fight right off the bat on the Race, it usually doesn't bode well for later.  But, perhaps that was an isolated incident.  Lorena and Jason absolutely dominated Sunday's leg, coming in first at the pit stop.  They looked kind of unstoppable.


The female half of Team Goth picked up the slack in the detour on Sunday.  Kynt was unable to tie the furniture properly and Vyxsin stepped in admirably.  The road blocks and detours will be interesting for the Goths.  This is admittedly preliminary, but Vyxsin seems more athletic than most women, Kynt less athletic than most men.  She's going to have to come up big for the goths to win the race. 

Shana and Jennifer

I hate to keep comparing these blondes to All-Star blondes Dustin and Kandice, but I don't see any other reasonable comparisons.  I close to jumping on the bandwagon after Sunday's performance, netting the duo a third place finish.  It may have been a fluke, but they rocked it on the furniture challenge.  It doesn't hurt that they're attractive, although they have come across as a little bland. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer 
(Image Courtesy of CBS)