The Amazing Race 12: Least Improved - Week 2
The Amazing Race is always full of people you root against.  At least it is for me.  Maybe you're a fundamentally good person who sees the positive in everyone and can't reasonably make yourself root against anyone.  Kudos to you.  Now stop shoving your do-goodedness in our faces.  From episode one of The Amazing Rave 12 to episode two, my opinions on some of the teams and individuals changed, some significantly so.  Yesterday, we looked at who was the most improved over the first two episodes, today we're going to look at the least improved.  The people we list here aren't necessarily villains, just teams or individuals who were at least mildly disappointing in episode two given what we saw of them in episode one. 


I like Donald.  Like him a lot.  Nicolas has a pretty cool grandpa, as most men Donald's age wouldn't even attempt to go on something like The Amazing Race.  However, the man has to know his limits.  In The Amazing Race's long history, an older person has never been part of a winning team.  Donald, of all the older people to come before, may have the best chance to buck that trend.  But he has to be smarter than he was last week.  At the road block, it was insane for Don to try and vault that ditch.  It could have cost him and Nicolas the game.  Any road block which is that physical has to be given to Nicolas.

Azaria and Hendekea

They were unstoppable on the first leg, and looked to be heading that way early in leg 2.  Their only mistake was choosing to go find the bikes on the detour instead of lifting furniture.  However, it was a big mistake that may be indicative of a poor overall game plan.  I thought A and H were serious about winning the whole thing.  If that was the case, you'd think they would have done their research.  On detours, you almost always choose the more work intensive, closer-proximity task instead of the needle in a haystack task.  Other than that, they were fine.


Of course, this is the big one.  Ronald, for lack of a better word, is a complete ass to his daughter.  He berates her, gives unwarranted bully-like advice, picks fights with other teams and, I imagine, annoys the hell out of the viewing audience.  It's only been two episodes (and only one portrayed him poorly) and I'm already fairly certain that Ronald is my least favorite racer of all time.  Maybe he can start redeeming himself in the coming weeks but, if anything, tempers flare more and more as the race goes on.  The least we can hope for is that Christina eventually gets fed up and cold cocks her father in the temple.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer 
(Image Courtesy of CBS)