The Amazing Race 12: Episode 9 Live Thoughts
The Amazing Race was delayed tonight on the east coast again, thanks to football.  Once the episode begins, we'll start the live blog.  The teams head to Japan tonight, which should be pretty fun.  The season is winding down and, thankfully this time, we know for sure that there will be another season of The Amazing Race in the offing.  The show's future has constantly been in doubt, with rumblings that CBS may drop the series at any given moment.  However, CBS has already picked up another season of Race, thanks to the writers' strike. 
Why couldn't it have been Ron and Christina?  Goodbye, goths.

The teams leave Badra Fort in Mombai, India leave in the afternoon and are told to head to Osaka, Japan.  Sweet.  They're going to this big ol' castle.  I've actually been to Osaka, Japan and it is awesome, as is the cast they're going to.

TK and Rachel leave first and hit up the internet first, Nicolas and Donald leave next and opt to go straight to the airport.  Ronald and Christina leave next – Ronald admits that he needs to change his ways, namely his treatment of Christina.  We know, Ron.

Jennifer and Nathan are in good spirits, somehow.

TK and Rachel find a flight that leaves at 7pm.  Nic and Don find a later one at 8:30pm.  Rona and Christina find the same one.  IT connects in Hong Kong.  Jenn and Nate get on the late one as well.

Ronald bitches about where the cab drops them off at the airport.  Damn, he's annoying.

Hmm.  TK and Rachel's flight have two stops, so it could be a worse flight.

TK and Rachel have no idea where the other teams are.  The second flight, with the three teams on it, arrives first.

Whoops, internet went down for a second.  Jenn and Nate arrive at the castle first and get their clue – head to the Noda Station where they must find the station's cleaning man, who will give them their next clue.  TK and Rachel still haven't touched down.

Ron and Chris find the clue, finally, after searching the grounds of the castle.

Jenn and Nate get the next clue – a Road Block.  One of the team members has to become a taxi driver.  Without help from anyone, the team member has to navigate five miles of streets and transport a Japanese couple to an address that's handed to them on a card.

Jenn and Christina decide to do the road block – bad idea for Christina.  Apparently she's a bad driver.

Jenn gets directions from a local.  It might take a while for these ladies.  Nicolas decides to take on the driving responsibilities.

Jenn randomly finds it.  All three zero in on the Post Office, but Jenn gets their first.

Still no sign of TK and Rachel.  That is brutal.

Jenn gets back to the station first.  Now teams are heading to Kita-Mido Temple.

Nicolas is lost on his way back to the station.

TK and Rachel finally arrive.  Man, I hope they can make up some ground.  Nicolas, meanwhile, is still lost on his way back to the station.

Jenn and Nathan arrive at the temple and receive a Detour – Sense of Touch or Sense of Smell.  In Touch, teams have to go to a building where they have to play robotic soccer by controlling robots with a cell phone.  Once each team member scores a goal, they've completed the task.  In Sense of Smell, teams must go to a flower shop and find one real flower among thousands of artificial one.

Nic finally arrives at the station.

Jenn/Nate and Ron/Chris both decide on the flowers.  Dumb move.  The flower shop is huge.

The robot soccer thing is kind of crazy.  Nic and Don decide to go for it and Don is hopeless.

What sucks is that TK and Rachel have no idea where they are in regards to the other teams.

Jenn miraculously finds the real flower.  They get the next clue – they are told to go to  the next pit stop at Tempozan Park.  Ron and Chris find it right after them, though.

Jenn and Nate have a difficult time finding a cab, culminating in Nate pushing Jenn into the cab.

Nic and Don finally finish the robot soccer task.  Nic has been stepping it up this episode.

Ron and Christina finish first, which is really going to piss off Jenn and Nate.  They wanted a first place finish very, very bad.  Ron and Chris win electric cars.  Christina is very happy that they didn't argue at all on the leg.  

Nic and Don finish third.

We get some quick footage of TK and Rachel's death march.  They talk about how much they like each other.  Definitely the most likable team from this season.

But HEY, it's a non-elimination leg.  They will have to complete a speed bump next leg.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)