The Amazing Race 12: Episode 7, Live Thoughts
The Amazing Race returned tonight after a two-week lay off.  We opened the episode with a recap of the last episode, and I'm reminded of how turbulent that episode was two weeks ago.  Azaria and Hendekea made one killer mistake and they were gone.  Ronald and Christina made some progress in their relationship and finished first on the leg.  Jennifer and Nathan turned into the worst Amazing Race couple ever.  Tonight, the teams are heading to Italy. 

Teams depart from the Stone Cross Overlook in Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Ron and Christina are heading to Ancona, Italy.  They have to get their by ferry.

Vyxsin calls her and Kynt “the pink and black attack.”  Stupid.

Jennifer and Nathan leave in fairly high spirits, considering how they ended the last leg.

It's a bottleneck, folks!  The bus to Split, Croatia leaves at 5am.  Split is where they catch the ferry. 

Well, I guess it's not that big of a bottleneck.  TK and Rachel and Nicolas and Donald don't catch the first bus.  TK and Rachel catch the second bus, Nicolas and Donald take the final one.

The first three teams arrive on the ferry.  And, it is a bottleneck.  Everyone is on the same ferry.  The teams arrive in Ancona at 10pm.  The next clue tells them to drive to the town of Empoli.  The car has a stick shift.   Everyone gets somewhat different directions.

TK and Rachel leave the clue at a gas station where they asked for directions.  They don't know where they're going in Bologna.  They get on each other's nerves a little bit.
TK and Rachel go back to the gas station and find the ticket.  They're lucky it was still there.  On the drive, everyone gets a message on a Blackberry from their family at home.

All the teams except TK and Rachel and Jennifer and Nathan get stopped on the highway.  The road is closed until morning.

Jennifer and Nathan get to the air strip first, way before everyone else.  TK and Rachel arrive second, in the morning.  TK get super pumped.  I like that guy.

Vyxsin got her and Kynt lost.

The air strip opens with only the two teams still there.  It's a detour.  One team member has to go flying in a little air light  plane, until they see their next destination spelled out somewhere on the ground.  Once they see it, they signal to the pilot and, once on the ground, if they tell the pilot the correct destination, they receive the next clue.

Also included is an optional fast froward – the only one on the Race.  The teams have to go into town and take part in a century's old seafaring tradition – what the teams don't know is that the tradition is getting a tattoo.

Kynt and Vyxsin are still lost – Ronald is yelling at Christina – Nicolas and Donald decide to do the fast forward.  Nathan finds the word first and lands.  He and Jennifer now head to Vinci, the birth place of Leonardo da Vinci.  TK's place has to come down for re-fueling, and he hasn't yet found the word.

Nicolas and Donald arrive at the Studio, that's actually a tattoo parlor.
Donald reluctantly agrees to get a tattoo, with the initials F.F., for fast forward.

Jennifer and Nathan are heading to Vinci, and now Christina is up in the air.  She finds “Vinci” before TK does.

Jennifer and Nathan have to climb three kilometers up to the Vinci estate.

Nic and Don finish up their tats, and are told to head to the pit stop – the Boboli Gardens in Florence.  I've been there – it's an awesome place.

Nate and Jen arrive at the estate – it's a detour.  They either have to build a traditional crane, or do some sort of flag routine.

Kynt and Vyxsin show up as TK embarks on his third try up in the air.

Nicolas and Donald arrive at Boboli Gardens in first place – they win a trip to Cancun.

Jen and Nate start learning the flag routine.  Jen is doing it easily, Nate isn't.

TK still can't see it, and Vyxsin finds it on the first try.  TK wants to give up.  Weak.

Jennifer and Nathan finish the routine and head off to the pit stop.  Jen is happy with Nate.

TK finally finds the Vinci.

Nate and Jen are team number two.

Ron and Christina struggle, but eventually get the flag routine done.

Kynt yells at Vyxsin while in the's not as major as the commercials made it out to be. 

Kynt and Vyxsin get lost again, while driving.  The car is broken, and they are mad at each other.  They decide to run.  The Amazing Race should replace the car when they get back – it will be.

Ron and Christina are team number three.

TK and Rachel do the crane of the detour, and they finish way before Kynt and Vyxsin.

TK and Rachel, however, blow their tire out on the way into Florence, they pull in to a gas station.

Kynt and Vyxsin finish the flag routine, get in their replacement car and drive into Florence.

TK pulls off a very quick tire change.

TK and Rachel arrive in fourth place.

Kynt and Vyxsin arrive last,'s a NON-ELIMINATION LEG.

But, there is a new twist in the race – sometime over the next leg of the Race, they will encounter a Speed Bump – a task only they will have to accomplish.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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