The Amazing Race 12: Episode 5, Live Thoughts
The Amazing Race 12 is on time tonight!  Hooray.  I'm as big a NFL fans as the next guy, but watching the end of a crappy AFC game doesn't hold a candle to a new episode of The Amazing Race.  I'm not positive this picture is from tonight's episode.  CBS posts their preview clips, but they don't make it clear which episode it's from.  Anyway, how about we get started?  The Racers should finally depart Burkina Faso tonight - I'm guessing next is some sort of South American location. 

Karma is not on Shana and Jennifer's side after the U-Turn last week.

Azaria and Hendekea depart early in the morning for Vilnius, Lithuania.  They have a difficult time getting a taxi.

Teams are told they must use an official ticket counter.  A and H arrive at the airport with Jennifer and Nathan.  The airport is tiny, and nothing is open.  They learn that an in-town office opens at 9am.

Kynt and Vyxsin steal Nicolas and Donald's cab. 

All the teams commune at the internet cafe.  Donald calls it an internet “buffet.” 

It looks like every team will be on the same flight to Paris that doesn't depart until 10:45 that night. 

Ronald and Christina find out that the Air France ticket agency in town is open – they're the only ones who find it.  Hey, and guess what?  Ronald is being a humongous jerk at the Air France counter.  They find a flight that gets into Vilnius at 2:10pm the next day.  The internet teams find one that arrives at 1:25, though. 

Nicolas tries to sabotage the other teams at Air France, but he's caught.  No one seems to really like Nicolas.

A and H are the only ones to get the 1:25 flight, which connects through Amsterdam.  Nicolas and Donald end up with a flight arriving in Vilnius at 5:25pm. 

Wait, Shana and Jennifer and Jennifer and Nathan somehow get on the 1:25 flight.  Weird – it's full now, though. 

TK and Rachel get a flight through Frankfurt that arrives at 1:35.  Kynt and Vyxsin get the same flight.

The blondes have really pissed off everyone.  The other teams have pretty much ganged up on them.  The blondes are pissed at each other now.

The teams are split into three different connectors.

A and H, Nathan and Jennifer, and the blondes arrive in Vilnius first.  All the teams have to find marked cars and go to St. Anne's Church. 

Nathan and Jennifer yell at each other.  Teams are having a difficult time finding St. Anne's Church. 

Ronald and Christina arrive last, but hire a cab to take them to the church.

Road Block: teams have to take a package from an old woman and the name of a person to take it to.  They find the person, who gives them the name of a store where they have to take the final package to. 

Nicolas and Donald arrive at the Road Block first, the goths second, A and H third. 

The blondes almost get hit by a bus.  My picture was correct.

Nathan Jennifer are being awful to each other, and are unable to find the church.  

Kynt and Vyxsin finish the Road Block first.  They must drive to the town of Rumsiskus and go to the Lithuanian Museum there. 

TK gets a personal guide for the Road Block and finishes quickly, vaulting from fifth to second..  Nicolas can't find the final delivery.  Ron and Christina finish it third. 

Jennifer and Nathan finally arrive, and Jennifer breezes through the Road Block.

The blondes finally arrive at the Road Block. 

Kynt and Vyxsin arrive at a small village (I think a task was edited out).  They have to search through the village and find a specific gnome.

Nicolas finally finishes, by Jennifer finishes before them.  Nicolas and Donald go from first to last.

Detour: Count Down or Step Up.  They either have to count the number of pickets in a fence or have to stilt walk down a path. 

The detour occurs at this crazy festival, everyone wearing crazy costumes.

The goths do the stilt walk, but they give up after awhile.  The stilts look tough.  Ronald and Chritina do the stilts.

TK and Rachel are the first ones to finish the the detour, doing the stilts.  The clue tells them to head to a windmill, which is the next pit stop. 

TK and Rachel finish first.  They win a ten day trip to Japan. 

Kynt and Vyxsin finish second.

The teams who try to count are being actively distracted by the villagers.  Ronald takes a nasty spill on the stilts.

Ronald is dejected, but finally finishes. 

Nicolas and Donald arrive at the village before the blondes, who are now in last place. 

A and H pass up Jen and Nate at the picket counting detour.

Ronald and Christina finish third. 

Jennifer is crazy, yelling at Nathan not to count out loud.  He calls her a bitch, and they decide to go to stilts.

Azaria and Hendekea finish fourth. 

Jennifer and Nathan finish the stilts easily.

Jennifer and Nathan finish fifth. 

The blondes can't get the count correct.

Nicolas and Donald finish sixth. 

Shana and Jennifer finish last, and have been eliminated from the Race.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)