The Amazing Race 12: Episode 4, Live Thoughts
The Amazing Race is starting late tonight once again, thanks to the NFL game between the Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears that went into overtime.  Once tonight's episode gets started, I'll be here with constant live updates as the episode moves along.  The promos show some sort of tribal dance competition, which looks like fun.  I'd like to see Donald bust-a-move.

Good God, that camel milking looked awful.  I always thought milking animals was easier than people made it seem, but after Marianna and Julia said that they were trying to milk that damn camel for over four hours, I'll admit that's probably not true.

Previously On, theme and intro, than more commercials.  Just punch me in the stomach, CBS.

The teams start in Burkina Faso, and we see some footage of Bingo village.  Seems like a pretty lively place.

Azaria and Hendekea leave first and are told to find a man in blue.  The man in blue points them to a chicken stable and they have to put a chicken in the bag.  Then, they learn the twist – they have to keep the chicken with them at all times during the leg.  No chicken, no check-in.

Ronald is still a big jerk.

Nicolas is supportive of Donald's slowness.  Nicolas thinks Donald makes up for it with his wisdom.  We'll see.

Once they have the chicken, the teams take a taxi to Buddha Palitanga (certainly the wrong spelling).

Once they're in the village, teams have to search for their next clue.  Hendekea has to go to the bathroom, and they lose the lead.

Detour time:  Shake your Pan, or Shake your Booty.  Teams either try to fill a pan with gold, or teams have to learn a dance and perform for some tribe.  They are judged – if the judges don't like the routine, teams get a ten minute penalty.

Jason and Lorena start after their close call last leg.  They are optimistic.

Time for dancing.  Jennifer was a former Clippers dancer, which means very little.  She and Nathan really get after it, while the villagers laugh at them.  The judges say there's no creativity – they get a ten minute penalty.

Ronald and Christina decide to dance.

The tribe;s dance teacher wears a crazy woolly mammoth costume.  He looks kind of like a wild thing from Where the Wild Things Are.  Azaria and Hendekea are approved, and get not penalty.

At the next clue box, there is a U-Turn.  There are only two on the Race, and teams can only use a U-Turn once, which will really hurt the team that gets U-Turned.  A and H decide not to use it.

Ronald dance like a damn fool, and bumps butts with his daughter in a very disturbing moment.  They are penalized ten minutes.

Nicolas and Donald pan for gold, and finish rather quickly.

Teams next head to the Tampouy Goat Market.  Sweet.

TK and Rachel are having a real difficult time panning for gold.

Kynt and Vyxsin do the dance, and get applauded by the masses.  Kynt does some especially good freestyle.  The judges love them.  They are in third place.

TK and Rachel, finally get some gold.

Shana and Jennifer do some stupid sorority-esque stripper dance routine, and the judges eat it up.  They decide to U-Turn Jason and Lorena, who are way in last place.  That's gonna sting.  The U-Turn means that the team who gets hit with it have to go back and do the other detour before they move on.

The goat market is pretty intense.

Road Block at the goat market: teams have to ride a delivery bike that is loaded up with a bunch of stuff, including a goat in a basket.  They have to deliver their stuff to a specified vendor.  The goats look like they're in pain, squealing while tied down.  Ech.

Lorena and Jason have a good time dancing, and the judges like them – no penalty.

Jennifer and Nathan yell at each other.  Big surprise.  Jennifer is doing the road block, and is having lots of trouble.

The teams head to the next pit stop after the market, which is pretty much right in the middle of town – I missed the name.

Lorena and Jason do pretty well finding the gold.

Jennifer is upset that they U-Turned Lorena and Jason, thinking they placed a large target on their backs.

Shana and Jennifer, TK and Rachel, and Ronald and Christina are having difficulty in the goat market.  So is Vyxsin, and so is Donald. Doesn't look like fun.  Vyxsin eventually gets led to her destination by some kids.

A and H finish a split second in front of Nathan and Jennifer at the pit stop.  Jennifer is pissy about getting second.

Nicolas, Donald, Ronald and Christina head to the city center. Followed closely by Kynt and Vyxsin.  Vyxsin breaks down and cries in the taxi. 

Ronald and Christina finish third.

Nicolas and Donald finish fourth.

Rachel is getting lost.  Shana finishes and heads to the pit stop with Jennifer.

Kynt and Vyxsin finish fifth.

Shana and Jennifer finish sixth.

Rachel finally finds her way back, which means that Lorena and Jason are going to finish last.

TK and Rachel finish seventh.

Lorena and Jason have an emotional taxi to the pit stop.

Lorena and Jason finish last, and are eliminated from the Race.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)