The Amazing Race 12: Episode 3 Recap
The Amazing Race 12 ventured to Africa for the first time this season, to a place known for its really funny name.  The city of Ouagadougou is pretty much only known for its name, and is a city that I've wanted to see for quite a while.  My familiarity with Ouagadougou comes from my childhood – one of my father's favorite pieces of trivia was that the capital of Burkina Faso was a crazy place called Ouagadougou.  Apparently, this is not common knowledge, seeing as none of The Amazing Race teams knew where the city was located or how to pronounce the name correctly. 

Leg 3: Amsterdam, Netherlands > Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso > Bingo, Burkina Faso

Teams departed in the very early morning.  Their first clue was that they needed to head to Ouagadougou, located in the African nation of Burkina Faso.  Teams then flew from Amsterdam to Paris to Ouagadougou.  There was only flight per day to Ouagadougou from Paris and all of the teams made the same flight.  Once in Ouagadougou, the teams received their next clue, which told them to catch a train to Bingo.  The train station was closed for the day, so the teams spent the night in the city.  The train took all the teams to Bingo – which is a stop in the middle of nowhere.  There, they found a clue box: Road Block time.  One member from each team had to milk a camel, fill a dried gourd with the milk, then drink the milk.  After finishing, the teams had to then escort four camels along a marked path on their way to some nomads.  Next, teams went to a local school for the Detour: Teach It or Learn It.  Teams had to decide to either teach a local student ten English words, or the teams had to learn ten local words.  Once learned/taught the student/teams were tested by a teacher.  Once that was accomplished, the teams headed for the leg's pit stop, down a trail and located in a local village.

1st Place: Azaria and Hendekea

The team to beat.  They are the smartest, close to the most athletic and seemingly tireless.  It also helps that they are both likable and very competitive. 

2nd Place: TK and Rachel

They probably should have won the leg, if it weren't for them taking the wrong path on the way to the school.  The two are a very laid-back, happy-looking couple.  Nothing bad to say about them yet.

3rd Place: Nathan and Jennifer

They keep yelling at each other, yet they keep performing really well.  I think they're just one of the dysfunctionally functional couples.  If it work, it works, right?
4th Place: Kynt and Vyxsin

Kynt and Vyxsin talked a little tonight about how their gender roles are swapped.  Vyxsin is the man in the relationship, the physically more able partner.  Besides that, not a whole lot of screen time for the goths tonight. 

5th Place: Ronald and Christina

At least Ronald has begun admitting his faults.  He was diagnosed with a hernia after the last leg, but he battled through.  He was snippy at times with Christina, but he may be getting better.  Or maybe it was edited out this episode.  He does work with animals fairly well.

6th Place: Nicolas and Donald

I love Donald.  He made some creepy comments for a man his age., talking about how hot Marianna and Julia are. 

7th Place: Shana and Jennifer

The award for Worst Traveling Americans on tonight's episode goes to the blondes for making fun of some locals on the train for smelling bad.

8th Place: Lorena and Jason

Lorena had a massive breakdown during the camel milking.  She was having a ridiculously hard time getting her camel to produce milk, and it wasn't until her third camel that she finally got it done.  She was crying, devastated, and finished last.  It looked like her and Jason were going to go from first to worst, but a lot of hustle at the end saved them.

9th Place/Eliminated: Marianna and Julia

They had a fairly sizable lead on Lorena and Jason near the end, but were either exhausted or apathetic while leading the camels to the nomads.  They finished last and were eliminated.  We'll have an interview with the sisters up tomorrow. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer (Image Courtesy of CBS)