The Amazing Race 12: Episode 3, Live Thoughts
The Amazing Race 12 returns tonight and we're delayed a little due to football.  There's going to be a lot more of Ronald on tonight's episode, if the CBS promos are indicative of screen time.  He's a nice villain to have around, but I hope he's not around too much longer.  I also hope that we don't have to endure an almost naked Donald.  We'll get started with my live thoughts when the Race begins.

And we're off.  I hate it when they do the "Previously On" then the credits and then a commercial. 

Ronald needed medical attention during the pit stop for a hernia he developed.  It's safe to assume God smote him for his behavior. 

Lorena and Jason leave first – the teams are heading to Ouagadogou.  I believe that is a city in the country formerly known as Chad, now called Burkina Faso.

No one has any idea where the city is.  The teams arrive at the airport and scramble on the internet to find out where Ouagadogou is.  They figure it out eventually, but still are confused as to how to get there. 

There is only one flight that day to Burkina Faso and it goes through Paris. 

Ronald admits that he was a monstrous jerk on the last leg of the race.  There are two different flights to Paris that will allow teams to connect to Faso in Paris.  Ronald and Christina are the last to arrive at the airport and have to run through the airport to make it.  They barely do.  Nathan and Jen are the only ones on the fuirst flight.  The second flight to Paris is grounded with delays.  Yikes.

Everyone makes the flight from Paris to Ouagadogou.  Just barely, though.

Once the teams touch down, they have to take a cab to Central Square for their next clue – teams now have to take a train to Bingo.  But, the train station is closed and all the teams have to spend the night. 

Donald makes some vaguely creepy comments about the hot sisters. 

That's not cool – the Hollywood blondes make fun of how bad the locals smell.  They are clearly uncomfortable being there.  On the other hand, Azaria and Hendekea are loving it. 

The train to Bingo leaves the teams in the middle of nowhere. 

All the teams now have a Road Block – they have to milk a camel and then drink the milk.

Lorena really freaks out while milking.  Some of these camels seem to enjoy being milked, some not so much.  Being gentle looks like the key. 

Seeing a pink-haired woman milk a camel in the middle of West Africa is a bizarre sight. 

TK finishes first.  Teams then have to walk a group of four camels a little ways and drop them of at a group of nomads. 

Jen yells at Nathan some more. 

TK and Rachel go the wrong way on the path, and are followed by Nicolas, Donald, Ronald and Christina.   But, they turn around in time to stay in first.  Jen and Nathan are in second now.

Lorena continues to freak out.

Julia, Jennifer, Azaria and Lorena aren't getting any milk from their camels.  Teams are allowed to change camels if their's is dry.  Azaria gets milk from his new camel. 

TK and Rachel get the next clue – it's a detour: Teach It or Learn It.  Teams can go teach ten words to non English speaking students, or learn ten words from a local teacher.  I think teaching would be more difficult, but also more fun. 

Jennifer gets her milk and drinks it, leaving only Lorena and Julia. 

Azaria andHendekea have got it right -the decided to learn, they each took five words and memorized them on their own.  Easy – they were done in no time and are now in first. They now head to the outskirts of Bingo, following a marked path, where the pit stop is.

Nathan and Jennifer quarrel some more. 

Wow – a monstrous storm hits.  Everyone is kind of panicky.  Lorena continues to freak out. 

Azaria and Hendekea are team number one.  They win a trip to Bermuda.

Julia finally finishes the milk.  She vomits after drinking it. 

Lorena finally gets the milk, but continues to have a mental breakdown.  She cries and cries and cries.  She finally finds a camel that gives milk. 

Ronald and Christina finish the detour second.  TK and Rachel third. 

TK and Rachel are team number two.  Jennifer and Nathan are team number three.  Ronald and Christina are team number four.  Kynt and Vyxsin are team number five.  Nicolas and Donald are team number six. 

Lorean and Jason catch up to the sisters during the camel walk. 

Shana and Jennifer are team number seven. 

Lorena and Jason get tested first when they think they've learned it, but the sisters are close behind.  Lorena and Jason finish first, but again the sisters are close behind.  It's a foot race. 

Lorena and Jason are team number eight.  That was an emotional, crazy come back.

The sisters, Marianna and Julia finish last and are eliminated from the race. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)