The Amazing Race 12: Episode 2 Recap
The Amazing Race went to Amsterdam tonight, but we saw very little of that beautiful city, nor did we witness anything involving the Red Light District or recreational drugs.  I was hoping to see a Road Block involving the eating of mushrooms, but no such luck.  There were bicycles and furniture on pulleys, which are also things Amsterdam is known for, but not as much so as drugs and prostitution.  Nonetheless, it was a solid episode and we learned a lot more about one particular team, whose dynamic tonight was completely different from what we saw in episode one of The Amazing Race 12.

Leg 2: Shannon, Ireland > Amsterdam, Netherlands > Ransdorp, Netherlands > Durgerdam, Netherlands

Teams left at night and were told to fly to Amsterdam.  The roads were very dark and made driving quite difficult.  At the airport, all but one team (Marianna and Julia) made the first flight from Shannon to Dublin.  From Dublin, seven teams make the first flight out to Amsterdam.

Once in Amsterdam, the teams had to find the Grand Central Bridge.  From there, teams had to compete in a detour, Hoist It or Hunt It.  Teams had to either hoist furniture up the side of a nearby apartment building using a pulley system, or go to a bike garage and find two bikes in a garage of thousands that had the same color pattern that they were given in their clue.  Once they got the bikes, the teams had to ride five miles.

Once finished with the detour, teams had to catch a bus to the village of Ransdorp.  Once they reached a field in Ransdorp, teams faced a road block.  One member of each team had to vault a marshy and disgusting ditch using a large stick.  After that, the teams had to ride a bicycle with a cart attached to the front to the pit stop at the Durgerdam yacht club.

1st Place: Lorena and Jason 

These two just ran a really solid leg.  Nothing special, no big fights.  They just got the job done.

2nd Place: Jennifer and Nathan

This is one volatile couple.  They make it work, somehow, but it gets really ugly at times, the two of them not at all shy about brutally yelling at each other.

3rd Place: Shana and Jennifer

The blondes performed better than I would've expected in the Hoist It detour.  I was impressed.

4th Place: Kynt and Vyxsin

They are competitors, plain and simple.  Nothing momentous happened with them on this leg, but they keep impressing the rest of the teams.

5th Place: Azaria and Hendekea

They started in first and probably would have stayed there if they had chosen their detour wisely.  They foolishly decided to go find the bikes instead of hoisting furniture.  They didn't even appear to have that difficult of a time finding their bikes, they just went with the wrong detour.

6th Place: TK and Rachel

TK almost had a huge choke job while hoisting the furniture.  He couldn't figure out how to tie the knots and things were getting heated momentarily.  Thankfully, Rachel and TK switched places and Rachel dominated that furniture.  They seem to be the best of the dating couples – no fights just yet.

7th Place: Marianna and Julia

Still not much from the sisters this episode.  We did learn that Marianna was a pole vaulter in high school, and it showed when she vaulted across that ditch with ease.

8th Place: Nicolas and Donald

These guys are going to be fun this season.  Donald stripped down to his briefs when attempting to vault the ditch.  Nicolas yelled at a airline employee.  I like them. 

9th Place: Ronald and Christina

Ronald went from being a sympathetic character in episode one, to a total jackass here in episode 2.  He constantly berates his daughter, spouting off rambling lectures in the guise of life lessons.  Ronald is one of those guys who thinks he knows the ins and outs of everything and is thusly qualified to give brutal and unfiltered advice.  He really just verbally and mentally beats down his daughter Christina.  It's ugly to watch.

10th Place/Eliminated: Kate and Pat  

The lesbian deacons weren't all that cut out for this race from the beginning.  Lacking the physical prowess to  compete with younger teams, Kate and Pat still had one hell of a time on the trip and I enjoyed them when they were on screen.  We'll have an interview with the duo up sometime tomorrow.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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