The Amazing Race 12: Episode 2 Live Thoughts
We're off and running on The Amazing Race 12.  Fortunately, CBS had no afternoon NFL games today, and The Amazing Race is going to air on time.  I don't know if any of you have noticed this, but CBS has posted the applications for The Amazing Race 13.  Do you think this has something to do with the writers' strike?  I'm guessing so.  If they can fast track a season and get it up sometimes in early 2008, it'd make me a very happy man.  Of course, this would also create the possibility that CBS will concurrently air Survivor, Big Brother and The Amazing Race.  Insanity.  I'll be here throughout the episode sharing my thoughts and updating everyone on the action.

Those stupid donkeys.  Why did Ari think yelling at the donkey was going to do anything?  In my experience, the ego of a donkey needs to lightly stroked. 

Wow, Dean Cain is on CSI: Miami.  Fancy that.

Azaria and Hendekea depart Ireland first and are told to fly to Amsterdam and find some random bridge in the city.  They bicker a little bit.  First chink in the proverbial armor. 

TK and Rachel seem to really like each other. 

We're being re-introduced to all the teams. 

Yikes, Donald drives their car into the curb and gets a flat tire. 

Kate and Pat, yes!  I'm on board now.  They just said that, despite being religious, they have no illusions that God cares about the results of The Amazing Race.  Hear that, Jameka and Amber?

A and H get to the airport, closely tailed by the goths.  TK/Rachel and Lorena/Jason arrive soon behind.

Ronald is kind of a bastard, actually.  He's being really mean to his daughter. 

The teams have to go from Shannon to Dublin and then from Dublin to Amsterdam. 

Nathan and Jennifer beat out Nicolas and Donald for the last seats on the flight to Amsterdam.  The first flight gets in to Amsterdam at 12:15.

Marianna and Julia are the only team to miss the initial flight to Dublin, thanks to a wrong turn on their way to the airport. 

Nicolas and Donald are pretty pushy with the airline people as they try to get on stand-by.  Ronald, waiting next to him, proceeds to flip out on Nicolas.  It's completely ridiculous.  Ronald is officially my least favorite person on this Race. 

So, Nicolas and Donald make the first Amsterdam flight – Ronald and Christina don't.

The second flight is three teams – Ronald/Christina, Kate/Pat and Marianna/Julia.

A and H are the only team on the first train out of the airport because they don't buy tickets.  They are good. 

Detour: Hoist It or Hunt It – Teams can either lift five pieces of furniture up an apartment building that's close by or they can walk a ways away and search through hundreds of bicycles to find two bikes with correlating stamped colors, then ride the bikes five miles.

A and H head to the bikes – bad decision.

Lorena and Jason finish the hoisting and are now in first place.  Azaria finds one of the bikes.  Nathan and Jennifer yell at each other as they hoist. 

Shana and Jennifer finish the hoisting.  Hendekea finds her bike and they head out. 

Kynt and Vyxsin miss their bus on the way to the village of Ramstorp, which is where the next stop is.

Uh oh, TK and Rachel are flustered and unable to do their hoisting.

The final three teams are finally on their way into the city.

Rachel and TK switch places, and she saves the day for their team. 

The first wave of teams arrive at Ramsdorp.

It's a Roadblock – teams have to vault a marshy ditch.  It's like pole vaulting. 

Jason gets it on the first try and know he and Lorena are now in first place.  They get their next clue- they have to bike with each other to a yacht club, which is the pit stop for this leg.

The ditch vaulting gets nasty for a bunch of teams. Especially Jennifer, who is full of mud by the time she finally and makes it across.

Lorena and Jason are team number one. 

Marianna and Julia find their two bikes.  Ronald and Christina and Kate and Pat search for their bikes.

Nathand and Jennifer are team number two.

Shana and Jennifer are team number three. 

Ronald is just plain awful and annoying.  He's just berating Christina after they found their bikes.

Rachel vaults the ditch with ease.  Kynt does not.  Donald decides to do the vaulting.  Bad decision. 

Kate and Pat are currently in last place.

Ronald tells Christina that she disappointed him on this leg.  It's kind of hard to watch.

Back from commercial and we get more of the Ronald and Christina show.  I feel awful for Christina, she even starts crying. 

Kate and Pat miss the bus.  They are in last place.

Donald is having a very difficult time going across the ditch.  He strips down to his underwear – it's not a pretty sight. 

Kynt and Vyxsin are team number four. 

Azaria and Hendeka are team number five.

TK and Rachel are team number six.

Donald finally makes it. 

Marianna was a pole vaulter and makes it on the first try.

Marianna and Julia are team number seven.

Nicolas and Donald are team number eight. 

Ronald keeps talking and talking to Christina as she tries to vault the ditch.  They are team number nine. 

Kate and Pat finish last and have been eliminated from the race. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)