The Amazing Race 12: Episode 1, Recap
The Amazing Race is back and, at first glance, it looks like we have a good batch of teams to work with over the next few months.  The most buzzed about team heading into the Race this season was Kynt and Vixsin, the goth couple from Kentucky.  Here's the thing about goth people: most of them are extremely normal.  Case in point, Kynt and Vixsin.  First episodes are difficult because its hard for the editors to create an identity for every single team.  CBS generally does as good a job as possible with, and tonight's Amazing Race was no different.  Viewers now have a fair understanding of who each of these teams are.  For the recap tonight, we're going to try something a little different.  Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think. 

Leg 1: Los Angeles > Shannon, Ireland > Rossaveal, Ireland > Inis Mor, Ireland > Cleggan, Ireland > Cliffden, Ireland

The teams departed from the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, California.  Hugh Hefner did not make an appearance.  They were told to take a plane to Shannon, Ireland and given SUVs to drive to the airport.  Four teams made the first flight out, the rest made the second.  However, because of a delay on the tarmac, the second flight actually landed first. 

Once in Shannon, the teams headed to a Ferry Port in Rossaveal, which they took cabs to.  The ferries left every so often and took the teams to an island called Inis Mor, where they made their way to a very old temple, called the Tempall Bheanain.  Once their, teams signed up for one of two ferries that were to leave the next morning, 90 minutes apart.

The ferries took teams back to the mainland, where teams drove forty miles to Cleggan Farms, where the season's first road block took place.  One member had to pedal a bike across a high-wire 200 feet in the air over water, while the other teammate rode along ten feet or so below.  Once across to the other side, teams chose a donkey, loaded its cart with fifteen peats and led their donkey along a long trail.  Once they finished the trail and tied the donkeys to the hitching post, the teams got their next clue, which led them to the first pit stop, at the Connemara Heritage Center in Clifden.

1st Place: Azaria and Hendekea

This brother/sister team might be the early favorites to win it all after their performance tonight.  They thought ahead (ordering a cab in Ireland while waiting for their plane in LA) and formed an alliance with Ronald and Christina.  They seem athletic, as well.

2nd Place: Kynt and Vixsin

All the racers were impressed and surprised by the goth couple.  They were highly competitive, smart, and more normal than anyone expected.

3rd Place: TK and Rachel 

We didn't spend too much time with this couple, but they seem to get along very well, better than most couples who go on the race. 

4th Place: Lorena and Jason

There was some bickering and a instance of messed up directions, but they made up for it with excellent donkey herding.

5th Place: Nicolas and Donald

We saw almost nothing of this team, except at the very beginning. 

6th Place: Shana and Jennifer

The blondes were in last place heading into the donkey leading part of the leg, where they lapped about five teams in a matter of minutes thanks to a swift and willing donkey.

7th Place: Ronald and Christina

Here's the story: Ronald is 60 years old and wasn't around much when Christina was growing up because he was working so much.  Now that Christina is an adult, they are trying to make up for lost time.  Ronald is clearly ecstatic to be on this race with his daughter, even getting emotional a couple of times.  I have a feeling this story will get beaten into the ground soon, however. 

8th Place: Kate and Pat

These are two older lesbians, who happen to be ordained clergy.  That's all we know so far.

9th Place: Marianna and Julia

Good-looking sisters who get along well.  We didn't learn much more tonight.  They were at the back of the pack the entire time. 

10th Place: Nathan and Jennifer

This couple is going to explode soon.  Almost right out of the gate they were yelling at each other.  To be fair, they always made up soon after.  Things looked dire on the donkey trail, as their donkey decided it didn't want to move anymore.  They got lapped by a number of teams, but their donkey finally decided to get moving, and not a moment too soon. 

11th Place/Eliminated: Ari and Staella

They were in good shape going into the donkey trail, but they just could not get their donkey to move.  Perhaps it was bad karma, as they stole one of the cabs Azaria and Hendekea ordered in Los Angeles once they touched down in Shannon. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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