The Amazing Race 12 Afterthoughts: Finale - "Nice Guys CAN Finish First"
This is one finale that I wasn't dreading. All three final teams in this season of The Amazing Race were likable to me. Ronald seems to have gotten better at respecting his daughter, Don was a kick-butt old man, and TK and Rachel were sweet together.

How would the final tasks skew? Would they favor one team over another? Will that last footrace decide the winner? Those were the questions I had as I sat down to enjoy the show.

Nicolas and Donald finished third, but this team made it farther than I could have imagined at the beginning. All those young, fit folks clapping on the way to the mat got beat by a 60-year-old grandpa. Ha! Don may not have been as physically fit, but his life experiences more than made up for it. Did you see how quickly he filleted that fish? That wasn't the first time where he kept his team in the race. The kid did not carry the team at all. They were a good match.

Christine and Ronald were another team that I didn't expect to see at the end. In fact, I named Ronald “Ass of the Week” for episode 2. Had he treated me like he treated Christine, I'd have dumped him there. They were next to last at that point and I was debating on whether I wanted them gone. The only reason I wasn't totally against them was her. He hurt her so badly and I wanted to jam that pole vault pole where the sun don't shine.

He got better. He commented a couple of weeks ago that he realized that he needed to change. And, at least on camera, he did. The look of joy on her face when he told her that this was one time when he told her he loved her, he meant it brought tears to my eyes. I kind of expected him to begin berating her when she couldn't get that last road block, but he didn't. I expected him to blame her for their not winning, but he didn't. I think Christine and Ronald actually did win this race. The prize they seemed to have won is priceless.

Congratulations to TK and Rachel. They didn't run a perfect race, but they raced well enough to win. And it was refreshing to see a couple not scream or bash each other when the going got rough. They could have panicked when the crabs were winning, but they didn't. She could have totally lost her cool during that last roadblock, but she didn't. She kept her head and talked her way through it, and it won them a million dollars.

Speaking of that last roadblock, it was a doozy. I loved Donald saying that Nicolas was doing it because he suffered from CRS, or that dreaded 'Can't Remember Stuff' disease. I'm with him on that one, I'd still be there trying to figure it out. Having to remember props from each stage of the race? Fuggitaboutit. Poor Christina went from having only the first one wrong to having more than three wrong.

Kudos to the producers for having the last task one that was equally difficult for all teams and kudos to the producers for another successful season of The Amazing Race.

-Ladytex, BuddyTV Forum Moderator
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