The Amazing Race 12 Afterthoughts: Episode 9 - Communication is the Key
Communication is so important in The Amazing Race. Up to now, the most important thing was communication with your teammate. This episode, however, showed how miscommunication with the public could sink your ship.

Ronald, Jennifer and Nathan continue to have communication problems with their teammates, and sometimes with the people that they need to help them. TK and Rachel have communicated well with each other, but they may have made a fatal mistake last night.

When they got their tickets, it seemed that they only checked that their flight departed first. I heard TK tell the travel agent that they wanted to get there the fastest possible way, but I guess it wasn't clear they meant arrive instead of just leave. When pressed, the agent just kept telling them that it left the earliest. TK knew what he needed, but he didn't effectively communicate that.

They went from first to worst with one bad decision. That one mistake caused them to arrive last in Japan. They were so far behind the other teams that they could not catch up.

Christina was very clear in telling their agent that they wanted to arrive the earlier. She also was clear in getting their agent to check other flights. Christina's ability to speak Japanese and communicate with the Japanese also helped them later in this leg. Her dad seems to be trying to communicate better with her.

Nathan and Jennifer still irritate me, but Jennifer still seems to pay better attention to details than some of the other racers. I think last week she learned her lesson with not reading the clue well because this week, she was the only one to adamantly tell Nathan that the clue was on the castle grounds, not inside.

The taxi roadblock was hilarious! Watching Nicolas, Jennifer and Christina try to communicate with the locals and drive in a totally unfamiliar city amused me. Them trying to get back to where they started was even more amusing. And, of course, Nicolas gets lost again. He scares me. He's an airplane pilot with no sense of direction.

I wish more teams would have attempted the Sense of Touch detour. Sense of Smell was boring. It was fun watching the robot soccer. I can only imagine how some of the teams less able to communicate well would have done with this.

Then the race to the pitstop. Jennifer and Nathan again were thwarted in their quest for first. The meanie in me loves it. Like I said before, I'm just afraid that all this talk about the wanting to finish first and not is foreshadowing. Even Nathan in his own messed up way thinks that they will finish only the last leg first.

TK and Rachel finished last. Luckily for them, this was the second non elimination leg. But they are so far behind with a speed bump on the way, that it will take a major equalizer for them to catch up. Or an airport, bus or ferry station closed overnight. Stranger things have happened.

Next week on The Amazing Race 12, we'll finally get to our final three teams. I can't wait.

-Ladytex, Forum Moderator
(Image courtesy of CBS)