The Amazing Race 12 Afterthoughts: Episode 6 - Just Make Up Your Mind!
Indecisiveness will not win The Amazing Race. Time and time again we've seen teams waffling and losing time and their places. By all means, gather all your information, but then MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

Indecisiveness cost Azaria and Hendekea the game last night. Some may blame the airline worker for giving them business class tickets, but I don't. They were at the airport early enough to gather all information needed to make an informed decision and follow through. But they waffled ... and they were philiminated.

They were one of the strongest teams and they worked well together. Had they continued to stay the course, they would have been right with that first pack of contestants in line for tickets and they'd be right in the front.

First, they first decided to wait in line with the big group. Then they decided to try another way, so they got out of line. That didn't work out, and they stood in the middle of the airport fussing at each other over whose fault it was that they got out of line. Then they were so flustered when they talked to the airline agent that they either didn't clarify or didn't pay attention when they were given business class tickets.

What caused that mind burp? Did Hendekea get flustered by her older brother's condescension? He talked down to her and I wanted to smack him for her. Why couldn't he look at her and treat her like an equal? She played like an equal, she didn't hold him back.

Once they got on their flight, they ran like the well oiled machine they were. But by then it was too late. One mistake cost them one million dollars. Unfortunately, I think. They were a good team, I'm sorry to see them go.

Screw up of the week: Azaria and Hendekea waffling and then getting business class instead of economy tickets and thus losing the race.

-Ladytex, BuddyTV Writer and Forum Moderator(Image courtesy of CBS)