The Amazing Race 12 Afterthoughts: Episode 4, Wait, Did We Go Back to Kindergarten?
I bet you think that this week I'm gonna rail on the Blondes for using the U-Turn, don't you? Well, I'm not. I may think they were stupid for using it on who they used it on, but it's part of the game. This is a race for a million dollars and you should take every advantage that you can get. If you hurt someone's feelings, sorry ...

And what's that about taking turns being first? Hello, Jennifer, this is a race. There are prizes associated with coming in first. Why should Azaria and Hendekea step aside and allow you to claim what they worked hard for? She must have signed a different contract than the others did. She sounds like a Kindergarten teacher to her kids playing at recess. “Okay, Johnny, you've been first already, let Susie have a turn”.

This is probably a manifestation of the way we've been going overboard on building up kids esteem. Yes, it's important for a child to have high self-esteem, but it's also important for them to realize that things don't have to be equal to be fair. As long as all parties obey the same rules, then it's fair.

The Blondes using the U-Turn was fair. The same Jennifer that whined about not having her turn to be first also made a comment about the U-Turn. She said they wanted to win fairly. Number one, she was in second place and didn't need to use it to stay in the game. Number two, if using the U-Turn wasn't fair, it wouldn't be part of the game.

Shana seemed to think that they were second to last and wanted to put some space between them and the team after them. That was actually smart thinking. They had no idea how many more tasks were involved in that leg and she wanted some breathing room. That's the purpose of the U-Turn. But then she used it on Lorena and Jason instead of the team breathing down their backs, TK and Rachel. Either she forgot about the Hippies, or she thought they were Lorena and Jason and forgot about them. I'm not sure which. Another problem for her is that her partner, the other Jennifer, is not happy with her for using it.

Azaria and Hendekea are greedy. They want to hog all the first place prizes. Shame on them. That was sarcasm. This is a race! Some people may race just to finish, but most people race to win. Each leg is a mini race, and I'd want to win each leg. While they seem to be putting a target on their backs, they are competitive. They want to win. And no one can use a U-Turn on you if you're first.

While this week there is no real Ass of the Week, we do have a Turkey of the Week (which may be the only animal they don't use this season). And the Turkey of the Week, for trying to race using grade school recess rules, is Jennifer of the Nathan/Jennifer team.

-Ladytex, BuddyTV Writer and Forum Moderator(Image courtesy of CBS)