'The Amazing Race 12' Afterthoughts 3: We're Not In Kansas Anymore
The teams in this weeks episode of The Amazing Race weren't as annoying as they were the past two weeks. Maybe they are settling in, maybe I'm more accepting. The previews of this episode had me ready to unleash a poison pen on Ronald again, but he really wasn't that bad.

After 12 seasons, it continues to amaze me, though, that some of the teams don't seem to take the opportunities to absorb the culture of the different places. I've traveled overseas and I made it a point to go with an open mind and observe and enjoy the differences and not complain about them.

It didn't take too long this week for one of the teams to aggravate me by being closed minded and condescending. The blondes, Shana and Jennifer, are spoiled Americans. They've made comments in the past about not being able to have a manicure and things like that, but this week they ceased to be amusing, at least to me. While the other teams seemed to be absorbing the atmosphere, they complained and turned their little noses up.

Africa is a poor continent. Anyone that reads the newspaper or watches the news should realize that. But maybe this team has watched a little too much television. Although their CBS biographies say that they are both well traveled, they must have just traveled the resort circuit. I was appalled by, I think, Jennifer's comment in the taxi about them being taken to be sold to people for money. Her arrogance in thinking that the scary Black man was gonna sell their lily white butts was disturbing. I wonder if the taxi driver heard and understood her nasty remark.

Their insensitive remarks on the train bugged me, too. I appreciate that maybe they were disconcerted by the lack of hygiene, but to laugh aloud and make snide comments about their clothes was over the line. While the other teams took in and genuflected on the scenery and the environment, they turned up their noses and closed themselves off. Their distaste and snobbery were so evident that other teams were commenting on it.

These two work hard, don't get me wrong. I see them do the tasks in good fashion. I'm just sad that they are missing out on a big part of the game. Yes, I realize this is for a million dollars, but I think it would be just as easy to relax and enjoy the different countries and cultures as it would be to be uptight and unhappy.

The blonde team's arrogance and attitude this week have earned them the dubious honor of Ass of the Week.

-Ladytex, BuddyTV Writer and Forum Moderator
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