The Amazing Race 12: A Look at the Final Three - TK and Rachel
The word “hippie” gets thrown around a lot.  What once was a term of endearment back in the sixties is now, more or less, a negative title, especially to people like Eric Cartman.  The general characteristics of hippiedom are well-known: optimistic, maybe naïve world view, a penchant for hackey sack, very liberal politics, Phish bootlegs and bong ownership (often with silly names, like “Wesley Pipes”), laid back attitude and, of course, dreadlocks.  Now, these are the cliché characteristics of hippies.  Prior to the premiere of The Amazing Race 12, the team of TK and Rachel were deemed “The hippie couple” mostly because TK has dreads.  The Amazing Race did some good casting this season because, as with “the goth couple” of Kynt and Vyxsin, TK and Rachel were able to tear down a lot of hippie stereotypes.  They are smart, determined, and great competitors.  They are laid back, but that even-keel nature has become a distinct advantage, in that there is little bickering between the two and they're able to stay in high spirits.  As a result, TK and Rachel now find themselves in the final three of The Amazing Race and will compete for one million dollars on Sunday's finale. 

How They Got Here:

TK and Rachel had a simple game plan.  They focused on staying positive, not ever getting down on themselves, remaining calm in the face of adversity, and being extra supportive of each other.  They've been, by far, the most amiable couple on the show.  After seasons of Amazing Race watching, I can tell you with certainty that even the best couples will snap at each other during something as stressful as the Race: TK and Rachel haven't.  Rachel is one of the more athletic and task-inclined females the race has ever seen and, no matter who is doing a road block, the couple is in good shape.  

Worst Point:

On the ninth leg, TK and Rachel finished last.  Thankfully for them, it was a non-elimination leg and they came storming back in the tenth leg.  But leg 9 was a brutal one for the team, in that their loss can be attributed to one (albeit major) mistake.  They took the wrong flight and arrived in Japan three hours later than any of the other teams.  Besides that, it's been mostly smooth sailing.  

Chances of Winning:

Going into the finale, I think TK and Rachel have to be the favorites.  They are the youngest, the quickest on their feet, and have a lot of momentum after their great comeback in the penultimate leg.  Not only do I think they have the best chance at winning, they're the ones I'll be rooting for on Sunday.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)