The 4 Weirdest Challenges We've Seen on 'The Amazing Race'
The 4 Weirdest Challenges We've Seen on 'The Amazing Race'
Kartik Chainani
Kartik Chainani
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The Amazing Race has been home to some of the most epic, difficult and awe-inspiring challenges on reality TV. It's also had its fair share of strange and seemingly random challenges, too. From the most recent wedding-themed challenge to the tea-sipping challenge on season 18, here are four of the strangest things Amazing Race contestants have been asked to do.

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1. The Watermelon Challenge

During a season 17 episode set in England, the two teams are instructed to ride a horse to an end destination where a slingshot is set up with watermelon missiles, which they are to use to knock down a suit of armor. Sort of a strange reenactment type of challenge in itself, but it got especially strange and uncomfortable when Claire's watermelon backfired and hit her face with full force.

2. The Sushi Challenge

The food challenges on Amazing Race are always entertaining, particularly because of the contestants' reactions to what they're forced to put in their mouths. This was definitely the case with "Sushi Roulette" in season 15. The contestants took part in this Japanese game show where the host spun a giant wheel of different types of sushi laid out in front of them. Never before have we seen a game like this (especially on this show), and the wasabi bombs that they had to eat to move past the roadblock made for quite the unique dare.

3. The Tea Sipping Challenge

This season 18 challenge had us scratching our heads, mainly because of the lack of excitement. How much adrenaline can be pumping for the contestants as they sip different types of tea, let alone for us as viewers? In this challenge, the contestants had to taste all the different types of tea laid out in front of them in a search for a specific flavored one that they would then bring to the tea auctioneer. Hold on to your hats?

4. The Wedding Challenge

A season 29 challenge made for the weirdest wedding ever. Contestants had to help either the bride or groom of an upcoming wedding complete some unusual tasks as a part of Greek culture so that they could celebrate their extravagant wedding. Contestants on the bride's team had to lead a donkey around town and collect cheese from elderly women. Contestants on the groom's team had to scale a large set of stairs and bring back two goats. The contestants were as perplexed as we were.

Which challenges did you find the weirdest on The Amazing Race? Share it with us in the comments below!

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