One Team Finishes Their Business on 'The Amazing Race' Finale
One Team Finishes Their Business on 'The Amazing Race' Finale
Only four teams remain on The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business. I can't believe it! Zev and Justin, Kisha and Jen, Gary and Mallory, and Flight Time and Big Easy have made it to the final four. Will this finale end in a lot of traffic like finales past? I feel like they're always stuck in traffic.

After a Travelocity product placement ("Where should we go on our trip, Big Easy?" "This looks amazing!"), the teams get a clue sending them to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. This is the leg that both the Globetrotters and Kisha and Jen were eliminated from in their original seasons. Zev and Justin just need to remember their passports, and Gary and Mallory can't get lost for nine hours. The Globetrotters and Zev and Justin find a flight that gets in at 7:30am, and Kisha and Jen and Gary and Mallory are on a flight that puts them in Rio at 5:40 pm. That's a huge difference! Luckily, everyone makes it onto that early flight, so no one will have a huge advantage.

Once in Rio, the teams pile into cabs and race to Santa Teresa. Everyone but the Globetrotters gets on a trolley and urges it to leave. The Globes arrive just a moment too late and ask the trolley to wait, so that they aren't 30 minutes behind. Intense!

The trolley carries on, though, leaving the Globetrotters 30 minutes behind the pack. The Route Info tile sends the teams to a Road Block in a street festival. Team members must dress in carnival costumes and learn to dance the samba, then lead a parade. Zev takes it on, and struggles to learn the samba. Mallory is much more comfortable dancing, and leading parades, I imagine.

Kisha and Jen's cab drops them off in the wrong location. But can they dance better than Zev? Mallory succeeds easily, and she and Gary head to Copacabana. I feel so bad for Zev dancing. He looks uncomfortable, to say the least. Kisha and Jen catch up and start learning to dance, then pass Zev and Justin, who are getting frustrated. I could cry. The Globetrotters catch up, as Zev attempts to learn the dance a third time.

Gary and Mallory are first to discover that next, all team members must endure 15 minutes of a Brazilian Waxing session. This can't go well for Zev, either. He's so hairy! Freshly waxed, teams must choose between "On the Rocks" and make 100 drinks, or "On the Beach" and sell bikini tops, for their Detour.

Flight Time is less awkward a dancer than I might have imagined, given his height. Finally Zev nailed the dance, and it was really touching. Big Easy got the go-ahead on his second time around.

"On the Rocks" seemed easier, but Gary and Mallory quickly learn that there are a lot of steps to making that drink, have you have to do it just right. Meanwhile, Zev and Justin get lost, Kisha and Jen get waxed, and Flight Time gets a little fresh. The drink making is getting easier for Gary and Mallory.

As Kisha and Jen and the Globetrotters choose to make drinks, the moment of truth has come for Zev and Justin. This is really not their day. So. Much. Hair. Justin swears he will punch his waxer in the face, but doesn't. They opt to sell bikinis. Really? I'm glad someone is doing it though.

So, the drink-making is rolling on, and no one wants to try on a swimsuit in front of newly-hairless Zev and Justin. Nothing is going right for them!

Gary and Mallory finish their 100 drinks first, and head to the Pit Stop at the base of the Museum of Contemporary Art. They check in first, and even Phil seems excited. They win a trip, which is much better than a first taste of Snapple.

As Zev and Justin decide to make drinks instead of selling bikinis, Kisha and Jen finish their 100 drinks. Kisha and Jen check in second and win their spot in the final three. Who will the last spot go to? Zev and Justin or the Globetrotters? It doesn't seem like Zev and Justin could ever catch up. The Globetrotters are even singing and dancing as they finish the task.

Crestfallen, Zev and Justin share a drink. The Globetrotters check in third. Zev and Justin are eliminated, and we're all pretty sad. Phil really seems empathetic in Brazil.

The final destination is Miami, Florida. All the teams will arrive in Miami at the same time. The Globetrotters left their bags at their airport, so they have less to carry. The Globetrotters get in a cab, followed shortly by Kisha and Jen. Gary and Mallory have trouble getting a cab. It's frantic. Kisha and Jen pass the Globetrotters on the highway and are first to arrive at the Marina.

The teams meet their first Road Block, for which they must "dry dock" a boat. Kisha and Flight Time are first to their fork lifts. These fork lifts are huge, and I really hope the boats they're transporting don't belong to anyone. Jen hopes so, too. Meanwhile, Gary and Mallory's cab driver seems lost. Mallory is freaking out.

Flight Time docks his boat first, and he and Big Easy head to the Jules' Undersea Lodge. Gary and Mallory have to stop to ask for directions. Gary opts to drive the fork lift. Can they still be in it?

AHHH! Undersea Phil! For the SECOND Road Block, the teams have to do a Bob Dive in a personal submarine and look in floating treasure boxes for their clue. There are mermaids and a band underwater, so that's fun. Jen is having a little less fun, because swimming scares her and it didn't go well for them in their last race.

Gary docks the boat and they head for their second Road Block. Big Easy gets his clue first, and they depart for Mile Marker 29, except that their taxi is gone. That's bad. They find their taxi (or a different one?) again, but Kisha and Jen pass them. Gary and Mallory are still a full task behind.

Kisha and Jen arrive first at the Route Info, with the Globetrotters not far behind. They have to walk across the shallow part of the ocean to Horseshoe island and find the tallest tree. Then they will walk back and take a high-speed boat ride, then head to a mobile home park for their next clue.

Gary and Mallory's cab driver, Sterling, doesn't know where anything is. The sisters and the Globetrotters are in their boats, as Gary and Mallory find the tree.

Next, teams must create a "Trailer Hood" and set up a mobile home like the brochure they're given. The residents of this mobile home park look skeptical. As they try to set up their trailer hood, the wind hits. The residents seemed to enjoy that a lot more. As one lady said,
"When they do something stupid, we think it's funny." I relate, lady!

Details, details, details. They're supposed to make it look exactly like the brochure, and every little bit count. Gary and Mallory have almost caught up! They park their trailer and get to work. The wind is really troublesome, knocking down everything they put up.

Kisha and Jen finish their task first, and head to Seven-Mile Bridge. The Globetrotters realize, after looking at Kisha and Jen's site, that they didn't set the table correctly. They do so, and receive their clue. Kisha and Jen get on their large tricycles to ride across Seven-Mile Bridge. The Globetrotters catch up, and the wind is making the ride difficult.

On their first try, Gary and Mallory get their clue from Miss Rose. Gary and Mallory head to the bridge in a different taxi. You're out, Sterling! Phil waits with the eliminated teams, who are clapping, maybe just for the fact that the Globetrotters didn't win. Kisha and Jen are the winners! Female teams are representing!

On this Mother's Day, Kisha and Jen tell Phil that they're doing it all for their mom. Only one question remains: what is going on between the Globetrotters and Kisha and Jen?

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