Most Fashionable 'Amazing Race' Couple Begin Hot Topic Responsibilities
Last week, we reported on Kynt and Vyxsin – the duo Phil Keoghan dubbed as the “most fashionable couple in Amazing Race history” – signing on as models of Hot Topic clothing.  The fifth place finishers in the 12th edition of The Amazing Race officially began their duties as Hot Topic ambassadors via their formal debut at the start of this month.

Beginning Thursday, May 1, Hot Topic has showcased Kynt and Vyxsin of The Amazing Race in a feature pictorial, interview and a music video on the front page f their official webpage at

"It is incredible and humbling to be a part of the Hot Topic family,” Vyxsin said.  “This has been our favorite store for so many years.  In fact, this is where I purchased my first Pink Hair Dye and Hello Kitty T-Shirt!"

The colorful pair owes their new gig as Hot Topic icons to Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan christening them the show's most fashionable couple ever.  From then on, Vyxsin and Kynt soon caught the eye of Hot Topic, who then asked them over to their international headquarters in California.

"I felt like I was visiting Santa's Workshop," Kynt gushed about their arrival at the Hot Topic home base.  "This is where the magic begins, where so much incredible fashion originates, this is our teenage dream come true."

Aside from their current involvement with Hot Topic, we also mentioned last week that the colorful Amazing Race alums have also landed in Gothic Beauty Magazine, which is the leading periodical in underground couture.  The publication said in a news release April 17, that Kynt and Vyxsin are "the voice of goth in the mainstream," having displayed a lovable, accessible attitude during The Amazing Race, which subsequently received overwhelmingly positive response from mainstream media outlets like People, TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly.

"Kynt and Vyxsin have done very well in helping me to understand my own magazine,” Gothic Beauty founder Steven Holiday states admitted.  “I have been doing Gothic Beauty for so long that I had lost sight of what it is, and what it is to others.  But definitely there is a difference of what goth was from the Siouxsie and the Banshees era to what it is today in America."

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: PR Web
(Image Courtesy of Hot Topic MySpace)