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Holy Crap!  One member of each team has to bungee jump off the dam.  It's the second highest bungee jump in the world.  Words cannot explain how crazy this leap is.  Jaime and Cara, the cheerleaders, cannot find a cab.  The sisters are having trouble figuring out where to go.  Linda asks her cab to go fast, but follow the speed limit.  Silly advice.

Victor is the first to do the bungee.  He freaks out a little, but is more game than most will be. It's like a 1o second free fall.  Crazy.  Luke, the deaf guy, is going to do the leap for his team.  Victor and Tammy get their next clue - they have to train it to Interlaken. 

The stunt brothers, Mark and Michael, obviously, have no trouble with doing the bungee jump.  They finish it quickly.  Preston will do the 700 foot bungee jump.  Luke had a great time on his jump.  Mike does the leap for his team, and loves it.  Kisha and Jen are currently in last place, but overtake the Southerners at the dam.  Victoria leaps for her team.  Christie is scared as hell for her jump.  She finally jumps, gets it over with.

Tammy and Victor aren't sure about the train they're getting on, but they get on it nonetheless, and the stunt brothers and the Whites follow them.  There are two ways to go to Interlaken via train, it looks like.  Brad and Victoria get on a later train than Jodi and Christie, but they think it arrives earlier.  The first group of teams arrive at Klein Russe House and get their task.  They have to take old-school wooden cheese moving devices, and take 200 wheels of chees from the top of a hill and stack them near the bottom.  Brutal.  The hill is slippery, with lots of mud and animal crap. 

I guess it's not 200 wheels, but 200 pounds.  I think that's four wheels.  Margie's wheel gets loose and starts rocketing down the hill.  Those things pick up speed like nobody's business.  Luke falls over on hill and all the locals drinking beer start laughing at him.  This is a joke.  All the wooden things start breaking and the locals keep on laughing at them. 

“We have to find our cheese.”  Profound. 

The teams figure out that the best bet is to probably just carry their cheese in their hands.  Mel isn't even walking, he's sliding down the hill on his butt.  Slowly.  Very, very slowly.  Margie and Luke are the first to finish, and head to the pit stop in a nearby town (Schtelberg, I think).  In the town, they have to find a group of local yodelers.  If I had a quarter for everytime I had to search for a local yodeling group...

Mel and Mike are still struggling.  The second wave of teams show up at the hill.  Steve and Linda are in 10th place, Jodi and Christy still haven't shown up.  Mel and Mike finally finish, find themselves in fourth place.  Preston isn't happy with Jennifer.  Linda also struggles.  No one is having fun on this hill.

Steve and Linda continue to struggle on the hill, while Christie and Jodi still haven't reached the hill, still on the train.  Amanda is struggling with her cheese as well.  Preston yells at Jennifer some more.  The flight attendants finally show up. 

Ah, the sweet sounds of yodeling.  Reminds me of my youth.  Margie and Luke are team number one.  Phil even signs the "You are team number one" for Luke's benefit.  They win a trip to Puerto Vallarta.  Tammy and Victor are team number two. 

Mark and Michael are team number three.  Luke is in tears at the pit stop.  Cool stuff.  Preston falls on his ass, so does Jaime.  Steve is going to try and take three wheels of cheese.  He actually has the best method. Steve has tied his three wheels together and is dragging them down the hill backwards.  Amanda and Kris leave the hill in fifth place.  Steve and Linda leave in sixth, making up a ton of ground.  Mel and Mike White are team number four. Kisha and Jen leave in ninth.

Amanda and Kris are team number five.  Preston and Jennifer leave in tenth place, with Christie and Jodi follwing right behind.  Uh-oh – Steve and Linda are having a difficult time finding the yodelers.  Brad and Victoria are team number six.  Jaime and Cara are team number seven.  Steve and Linda are still lost.  Kisha and Jen are team number eight.  Steve and Linda are team number nine.  Good for them.  Preston and Jennifer versus the blondes, first to the yodelers.  The blondes actually catch up with them in town, and pass them right as they reach the yodelers.  Christie and Jodi are team number ten.

Preston and Jennifer are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated.  That hurts.  We'll be speaking to Preston and Jennifer on Tuesday, so stay tuned for that.


-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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