The Amazing Race 14: Episode 9 "Our Parents Will Cry Themselves to Death" Recap (Page 2/2)
Mark and Michael reach their speed bump - they have to wash to come old Chinese ladies' hair.  I think the Amazing Race producers ran out of ideas this leg. 

Luke does the fish tossing for his team.  He directs the birds with sign language.  He then gets bitten by his bird, and Jen laughs at him.  To be fair, I would probably do the same.  Jaime and Jen finish the Road Block first.  Teams must now race to the Ancient South Gate.  Luke finishes next, and complains about his wound.  It's a little flesh would.  Grow up.  Victor whines like an ornery old lady when Tammy's birds fly away.  Mark and Michael finish their speed bump and make their way to the Bridge.    Tammy finally finishes. 

Detour - Choreography or Calligraphy

In Choreography, teams head to the Central Island and learn a native dance routine and perform it.  In Calligraphy, teams find a calligraphy station, and must copy four Chinese characters in calligraphy.  Jen and Kisha arrive first, and decide to do calligraphy.  Jaime and Cara, obviously, choose choreography, being former professional dancers (if you want to call cheerleading dancing, that is).  Margie and Luke opt for calligraphy, as do Tammy and Victor.  Mark and Michael hit the bridge to take on the Road Block.  They're going to be eliminated, we get it. 

The three calligraphy teams get started - this looks like by far the easier of the two tasks.  Jaime and Cara are having some trouble with the dance.  Maybe not - the calligraphers have to write four sets of multiple characters.  Jaime and Cara are denied after their first dance performance.  They messed up a bit.  Some cheerleaders you two are. 

The three calligraphy teams are doing all their work together, in one contentious pack.  Jaime and Cara are denied by the judges once more, while Mark and Michael have finished the fish throwing.  Jaime and Cara are getting all pissy with the angry-looking Chinese judges.  Cara and Jaime, all fired up, decide to go back and do the calligraphy.  Uh-oh - Mark and Michael might have a chance.  As they leave, Jaime and Cara decide to turn around and give the dance one more shot. 

Tammy and Victor finish writing their characters first, and head to Banyan Lake, which is the next pit stop.    Margie and Luke leave next, followed quickly by Jen and Kisha. 

Jen and Kisha are team number one.  They win a trip to Barbados.  They arrive on the mat at almost the exact same time as Tammy, Victor, Margie and Luke, who are teams two and three, respectively.  Phil starts asking them about the race getting contentious.  Luke is up in arms, and makes his mom tell the story of what happened at the first clue box.  He said, she said, whatever.  Luke runs off in a huff, and says that Jen's a bitch.  Luke starts signing in anger, and Kisha and Jen start laughing, probably because of how absurdly angry Luke is.  Margie gets all pissed off then, thinking that they're laughing at Luke's deafness.  Which they weren't.  Then Margie says that Luke has lived with this his whole life and that they should understand because they're black.  OOOK. 

Jaime and Cara finish the dancing and race to the pit stop.  They are team number four. 

Before they receive the bad news, we are treated to some slow-motion footage of Mark and Michael dancing.  It's quite lovely.

Mark and Michael are team number five, and have been eliminated from the race.


-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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