The Amazing Race 14: Episode 8 "Rooting Around In People's Mouths Could Be Unpleasant" Recap (Page 2/2)
Margie and Luke find themselves in the temple, which looks very daunting, and go to the Detour.

Detour: Broken Teeth or Broken Record

In Broken Teeth, Teams must find whose fake teeth belongs to who. Get five right, and they get their next clue.  Phil seems very amused.  In Broken Record, as the name suggests, it involves… singing!   They have to sing the same song, inside a taxi of sorts, leading them to their destination.

Mom and son head to the teeth.  Mark and Michael, still frustrated at their lack of backpacks, ponder about whether they'd do the karaoke taxi thingie, but still want their bags badly.  Kisha and Jen do the singing, similarly frustrated.  The lawyers are sooo happy they have their bags.

The roads in Bangkok are flooded, and they got the cheerleaders slightly worried.  Well, they look worried.  The stuntmen argue about getting their bags, since they don’t have enough money to cover for the round trip.  The lawyers presume they’ll sing the “Thai version of Whitney Houston,” which is obviously a wrong guess.

Teeth time! We have old people with open mouths.  Margie and Luke, in half-surgical get-ups, get to matching the false teeth with their owners.  Meanwhile, Cara and Jaime are frustrated about the floods, but that’s preventable, at least.  Mark and Michael, on the other hand, are still arguing about their bags.  Non-replaceable mementos?  Just do the task.

The cheerleaders get to their karaoke taxi, followed by Kisha and Jen.  They're all surrounded by women in wigs, or maybe men in drag.  The song’s some pop ditty, Britney Spears-ish, with the kitsch you’d expect, and Kisha struggles with reading the lyrics.  Tammy and Victor’s turn to sing.   Why do I find Tammy pretty in close-up?

Mark and Michael decide to get their bags.  I sense foreshadowing.  Cosmic revenge?  I don’t know.  Now they worry about whether they did the right choice.  They’re messed, they say.  Damn right, you are messed.  Meanwhile, Margie and Luke get four fake teeth right.   Margie says her nursing background made the task easier.  Fifth one’s done, and they go to the pit stop: the Phya Thai Palace, smack in the middle of Bangkok.

Kisha and Jen are singing, and begin wondering if the folks with them in the karaoke taxi are transvestites.  Just sing, Kish.  Cara and Jaime start swaying to the beat, but nah, I still find Tammy pretty.  The show rewards me with her face in an excruciating close-up.  This must be the easiest task ever.  They just sing while the taxi brings them to wherever.

Margie and Luke run to the carpet, and…

Margie and Luke are team number one.
  They are very, very, very happy—and, as Phil pointed out, much better looking, unlike the last leg’s heat wave.  They win a trip to… somewhere as a reward.  Damn, I failed to catch the name again.  First episode recap ever, and I’m having the jitters.

Kisha and Jen finish their task, get their route marker, but rush back to find that their taxi has gone missing.  Cara and Jaime finish singing too, and yes, it seems there are trannies on board, indeed—time for their taxi rush, then.  Tammy and Victor finish, and notice Kisha running barefoot, which is a surprise, considering the athletes finished way earlier.

The athletes find a taxi, and one who knows where they’re going next.  Jen’s just worried about her passport.  Mark and Michael get back to where they did the roadblock, retrieve their stuff, and hope to get their race going.  It’s hard to catch up at this point.  Duh.  The cheerleaders start running to the carpet, which means…

Cara and Jaime are team number two.

The lawyers are still lost, so Tammy gets her taxi driver out with her to ask for directions.   Everything ends in a foot race though, and the athletes are in, and the lawyers are in, and…

Kisha and Jen are team number three.  Quickly following them…

Tammy and Victor are team number four.  But!  The athletes have missing backpacks.  Phil couldn’t check them in, since they need their passports for the next leg, which is definitely out of Thailand.  Exasperated looks on their faces abound.  So, that means…

Tammy and Victor are team number three.   The athletes leave with encouragement from the lawyers, and Jen talks about reading the route info without mentioning them bringing their bags.

Mark and Michael make it to the roadblock, and give away their flashlight, compass and something else. Singing is apparently second nature to them.  Mark dances weirdly, perhaps in an effort to impress the local girls.  One of the girls really looks like a guy.  Hah.   If only they knew.

Kisha and Jen get their bags, and rush back to the pit stop.   They think they’re last?   The stuntmen are finished with their singing, and get their pit stop-bound taxi to barter with them, again.  “Gifts,” they call it.    The athletes are stressing about their prospects.  The stuntmen get to the pit stop and take their time trading stuff, and…

Mark and Michael are team number four.  But they get yet another penalty—because of them giving their personal possessions to pay their bills!   I didn’t know there was such a rule.  It’s a two-hour penalty for them.  They’ve bartered twice, so it’s a four-hour penalty!  Pheesh.  This means…

Kisha and Jen are team number four.
  The two are sooo teary-eyed after this.  Jen, more so, and she starts looking adorable.  Snap out of it, Henrik.  Anyway, Mark and Michael are checked in after waiting for three hours and ten minutes and…

Mark and Michael are team number five.  But!  It’s a non-elimination leg, so they get a load of bad news—the speed bump, first of all, but on top of that, they start the race an hour later than usual, putting into account their four-hour penalty.   They’re still optimistic they’ll make it through.   On the other hand, I am optimistic they’ll be out next week.  They’re just damn lucky this time.   A couple of fails?   Whaaaa.

Next week, Luke and Jen call each other a “bitch”.   Whaaaa?  Sinister deaf kid, indeed.


-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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