The Amazing Race 14: Episode 7 "Gorilla? Gorilla?? Gorilla???" Recap (Page 2/2)
Detour: 100 Barrels or Two Miles

In 100 barrels, the teams have to outfit a boat with 43 barrels of fresh drinking water, and then transport 57 other barrels from the bottom of the ship to the top.  In Two Miles, the teams are given a rickshaw.  One team member gets to ride, while the other pulls the rickshaw for two miles through the streets.

Mark and Michael make some racist noises, I think, while they leave on their rickshaw.  Margie and Luke, Kisha and Jen, and Jaime and Cara arrive at where they believe the boats are.  They're lost.  Jaime and Cara decide to do the rickshaw challenge.  Tammy and Victor also do the rickshaw, but I think they forgot to blow up the tires.  Mark and Michael just killed the rickshaw Detour.

After finishing the rickshaw, teams are told to make their way to Wat Thep Nimit Temple, which is the Pit Stop on this leg of the race. 

Mark and Michael are team number one.  However, they have incurred two thirty minute penalties.  One for messing with the Rickshaw tools, another for hiring a taxi to lead them through the detour.  Now, they must wait an hour before they can finish the leg. 

Thirty minutes into Mark and Michael's penalty, and still no one has shown up at the pit stop.  Mel and Mike get to work on the 100 Barrels.  Tammy and Victor reach the park via rickshaw.  Jaime and Cara overtake the siblings, because Victor made another bonehead decision, this time leaving the rickshaw at the park gate. 

Margie is struggling after getting the last clue.  She feels like she's about to pass out. 

Tammy and Victor are team number one, by default, and win a trip to Oahu.  Mark and Michael had less than five minutes of penalty time left.  And then Jaime and Cara show with about a minute left in M&M's penalty.

Jaime and Cara are team number two.

Mark and Michael are team number three.

Margie and Luke are team number four.  After celebrating their fourth place finish, Margie asks for some water, then crumples to the ground like she's been shot in the back. Luke watches on in horror.  Margie is fine, just got a little hot. 

It's a race to the finish between Kisha/Jen and Mel/Mike.  Kisha and Jen head to the pit stop from 100 Barrels first, but have a hard time with directions as they depart.  Kisha and Jen, lost, eventually get in a bus filled with Thai business people.  It doesn't look like they're going the correct way, however...

Kisha and Jen are team number five.

Mel and Mike are team number six and have been eliminated from the race.
  Mel is very proud of his son. You will be missed, Mel and Mike.


-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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