The Amazing Race 14: Episode 5 "She's a Little Scared of Stick, But I Think She'll Be OK!" Recap (Page 2/2)
Victor and Tammy finish the plow.  They next have to drive to a Bibliotheca with an absurd name.  It's the biggest library in Siberia.  Is Siberia known for their robust libraries?  I imagine not.  Mark and Michael arrive to the Snow Plow party a tad late.  Last place may be in their future.  Mel and Mike arrive at the church, get a photo taken, then get their clue.  Christie and Jodi have yet to arrive at the Detour, and keep having to ask people for directions. 

Christie and Jodi have gone to the completely wrong church on the outskirts of town.  They have to go to the center of the city.  Their bride isn't very happy with them.  Margie and Luke have found the library, with Cara and Jaime right behind them.  Tammy and Victor are there too.

Road Block – Winter Marathon

One team member has to warm up with some runners, then strip down to their underwear and run 1.4 miles to another theater.  They will be cold.  Tammy and Luke will do the running for their teams.  Nice, ladies in their underwear.  Not bad.  It's 27 degrees out there.  Luke is wearing some tiny briefs.  Not a great image.  Cara is much more fun to watch.  She gets hit on by a random dude.  Good stuff. Mike does the running, thank goodness, for his team. 

Christie and Jodi finally drop off their bride, as do Kisha and Jen.  One of these two teams will be eliminated, most likely. 

Luke dominates the run, finishes well before the two ladies.  Still in his underwear, he finishes the run and enters the ballet theater (which is awesome) with his mother.  This is the pit stop.  Luke and Margie are team number one.  They win a trip to St. Lucia. 

Tammy and Victor are team number two.

Jaime and Cara are team number three.

Mike has to run the race in huge boots.  Christie and Jodi are remaining calm as they drive to the library.  Kisha and Jen are in the same place, roughly. 

Mel and Mike are team number four. 

Mark and Michael are team number five. 

Down to two teams.  Kisha and Jen reach the Road Block first, which means that Christie and Jodi are gonzo. 

Jodi, unfortunately, was wearing a thong.  Yep, she ran through Russia in a thong – they have to blur it out.

Kisha and Jen are team number six. 

Christie and Jodi are team number seven.  HOWEVER, IT IS A NON-ELIMINATION LEG.  They will have to do an extra speed bump next leg.  Unfortunately, this means that there will be no interview tomorrow.  We'll make it up with some extra The Amazing Race coverage over the week.


-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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