Exclusive Interview: Rob and Amber, 4th Team Eliminated on The Amazing Race: All-Stars (Part 2)
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What was your favorite place you had been this season?

Rob:  Well there was only three so…you know we had been to Argentina and Chile previously on the first race so it was kind of nice to go to Ecuador and see somewhere different.

Amber:  I think it was pretty neat to go to Ushuaia.  I mean it’s the southern most tip of South America and I just think it was kind of cool to be there.  We actually got our passports stamped that say we’ve been to “the end of the world”.  I don’t know, I think that is a cool place to check off of places we’ve been.

Do you two do a lot of traveling outside of the show?

Rob:  Oh yeah, constantly.  I fly probably three or four times a week.  I mean, it’s crazy.  I haven’t spent much time at home in the last six months. We were living in Vegas for three months working on our other show and we’re going to be home for a couple of weeks to relax now but we’ve got another project in the works that’s going to take us away pretty soon.

Do you want to talk about that other project?  Has that been announced yet?

Rob:  I would love to tell all about it, but I can’t, unfortunately.  It hasn’t been announced yet, but I guarantee you that when it is announced, you will hear about it.

Any final thoughts for your fans out there?

Rob:  Just a thank you to all the fans.  We completely understand that it’s the fans that make the show.

Amber:  It’s the fans that love us and it’s the fans that hate us too.

Rob: That makes compelling TV and whatever it is, we’re happy to entertain.

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(Interviewed Conducted By Oscar Dahl)