Former 'Amazing Race' Contestant Finishes in Miss USA Top 15
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Jamie Hill succeeded much farther as a Miss USA 2008 semifinalist than she did as a participant on The Amazing Race season 10.  The 24-year-old Miss South Carolina USA 2008 made it to the Top 15 of the Miss USA 2008 pageant, which NBC broadcast live from the Theatre for the Performing Arts at Las Vegas' Planet Hollywood on Friday night.

Unfortunately, Hill failed to be part of the Top 10 semifinalists in the 57th annual pageant.  Miss Texas USA 2008 Crystle Stewart was eventually crowned Miss USA 2008.

Hill's venture in this year's Miss USA pageant comes after her elimination from The Amazing Race with her friend Kellie Patterson, who were both tagged as the “cheerleaders.”  During her reality TV stint, she came in 10th place after getting lost and having trouble with the Roadblock on Leg 2.

"We didn't last as long as we had hoped," Hill told her hometown Columbia Star newspaper in a pre-Miss USA 2008 competition interview.  "We were the third team to be bumped from the group. But it was truly an amazing experience.  I had never been out of the country, and China?  Mongolia? Wow!"

Aside from the unforgettable experience, The Amazing Race also allowed Hill to land some contracts in the entertainment circuit, including projects for television, movies and reality shows.

"I work with a number of different producers," she said.  "Sometimes they have very specific requirements for the applicants they want to interview.  When they are in the market for a Southern accent, they think of me and I search for the right applicant.  Sometimes, when I am at a mall or on the street, I just look around me.  I might see an interesting face or someone with a lively personality.  I ask them if they would be interested in trying out for some of the reality TV shows, and then I help them plan a demo tape for an audition."

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Columbia Star, RealityTV World
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