Exclusive Interview: Louie and Michael from 'The Amazing Race'
Exclusive Interview: Louie and Michael from 'The Amazing Race'
Louie and Michael started The Amazing Race with a bold claim: they'd finish first in every leg. Well, that didn't happen, and they struggled for most of the race, save for a couple of legs in Europe. But that's not how I remember the two of them. I'll perhaps remember them for the decisions they made during their run on the show: their controversial U-turns, their alliances, and their intentions.

I got to talk to the detectives early this week, where we discussed their U-turning Joe and Heidi, their attempted U-turning of Carol and Brandy, and their relationship with Brent and Caite.

Who came up with the idea of joining The Amazing Race?

Louie: I did. I've been watching The Amazing Race since the beginning and asked Mike to apply with me.

Mike: I thought he was kidding.

What was your main goal in running the race, apart from winning the million dollars?

Mike: Have fun and try to enjoy myself like I did.

Louie: Traveling around the world and showing my children that anything could be accomplished if you put your heart and soul into it.

Before starting the race, you said you see yourself winning every leg of the race. How did it feel struggling in the first few legs, and in the later legs?

Louie: Humbling.

Mike: Well, in the first three legs we were not focused, and [we] started to enjoy ourselves and not overthink it. In the end, it was the puzzle and a bad cab ride that did us in... not making excuses though.

Louie: Lack of communication in South America and China really affected us during the race.

When you U-turned Joe and Heidi, you both said that you wanted to teach Joe a lesson. Did you think you were doing something for all the teams at the time, or was it just you two?

Louie: Most of the teams couldn't stand Joe, but everyone loved Heidi.

Mike: Mike: I didn't think anyone other than Steve and Allie liked Joe.

Louie: Though I never hated him, he made comments that should have been kept to himself, in front of Mike and I and other team members, of which I believe was to his demise.

Mike: It was 50/50 on whether it was personal or the Mandarin thing with us going to China.

Was it also the reason why you U-turned Carol and Brandy? It sure felt to me like you were trying to teach them a lesson too, especially after hearing what they had to say about Brent and Caite...

Louie: Well, we didn't U-turn Carol and Brandy. Our wolf cubs [Brent and Caite] did.

Right, right.

Louie: And like Joe, Carol and Brandy--Carol more--couldn't keep their mouths shut and let these young adults rule their thinking, when they should have just been playing the game.

What drew you both to Brent and Caite in particular? What did they have that other teams didn't?

Mike: They were, and are, nice kids. They didn't have anything special, just young and in shape.

Louie: They were both respectful and kind, though this isn't how it appeared on TV. They were young adults that you would be proud to call your children. They were extremely athletic and don't let that Southern drawl fool you.

Were there decisions that you've regretted doing on the race?

Mike: No regrets.

Louie: Though I wish we never bumped into Danny and Jordan in our final leg. I just felt that we made better decisions when we were by ourselves.

Which task in the race did you enjoy the most?

Louie: Crossing the wire in Chile--I was compared to a kid in a candy shop when I got to the other side--and crawling through the trenches was insane, with the bombs blowing up, simulated gun fire and the Red Baron planes flying above, during this WWI reenactment.

Mike: Also the bungee jump with Jet.

What have you been up to since the race?

Louie: Back to family life and work, being a narcotic detective and wondering whether or not these fifteen minutes of fame will continue. I like the sound of Survivor or Amazing Race All-Stars.

Mike: Working and coaching Little League.

(Image courtesy of CBS)