Exclusive Interview: Dana and Adrian from 'The Amazing Race 16'
Exclusive Interview: Dana and Adrian from 'The Amazing Race 16'
The worst scenarios for anyone who runs The Amazing Race involve either getting eliminated on the very first leg, or not finishing a leg. It's worse when both of these happen to you. That happened to Dana and Adrian, the high school sweethearts who were poised, for me at least, to make it far on the race. But Adrian's struggles with the Roadblock in Chile dragged them down, eventually putting them in last place.

I talked to Dana and Adrian after Sunday's episode, where we discussed that cable walking challenge, how their past struggles prepared them for the race, and how their children reacted to their run.

You've been together for more than twenty years, and you've been through a lot: raising your kids, the failed business, getting back on track. Did all of that ever prepare you for the race?

Dana: Absolutely, which is why you didn't witness us losing our heads afterwards. We've overcome some things together and individually which has made us stronger emotionally and mentally when adversity happens. Our divorce rate is 60% which indicates there are some married folks who got problems! We are not perfect but we have managed to learn how to deal with problems... the cable line was a problem!

Adrian: In addition to the mental and emotional we have been weight training for over a year which prepared us physically as well.

Dana, how did it feel seeing Adrian struggle with the Roadblock, and seeing all the other teams get past you?

I felt helpless... I knew I could do it and I ended up doing it which you can see on cbs.com.

Adrian, what do you think made the Roadblock extra hard for you? Is cable walking really that hard?

It is only hard when you also are dealing with the fear of heights that I had. My size played a big part too!

Did you watch the race last night?

Yes, we watched. It was great! Of course we enjoyed seeing what was going on with the other teams while we were in our own world.

How does it feel watching yourselves on TV, and reliving the experience all over again?

Of course you do the "what if" thing over and over, but for the most part our emotions have been dealt with.

What did your kids think about your stint on the race?

They were proud like most teenagers. It gave them bragging rights for about 15 minutes or, in our case, 15 seconds of fame.

If you had your way, where did you want to go, and what did you want to do, on the race?

Dana: I wanted to go somwhere in India or Africa.

Adrian: I wanted to get to Australia.

Dana: I wanted to skydive, and Adrian wanted to do a challenge that involved speed.

What have you been up to after the race?

Dana: I have continued to coach and mentor young women overcoming self esteem and confidence issues as a result of sexual abuse or other adverse issues. I also chair a youth program helping inner city kids become prepared for the business world.

Adrian: I'm back to the grind in my surgical and medical supplies business, and I'm also running our property management business.

(Image courtesy of CBS)