Exclusive Interview: Brent and Caite from 'The Amazing Race'
Exclusive Interview: Brent and Caite from 'The Amazing Race'
When I heard that Brent and Caite were joining The Amazing Race, the first thing that came to my head was that thing Caite did during the Miss Teen USA pageant years back. I thought it'd be amusing to see her race. I thought Brent and Caite wouldn't last long, but I kept that opinion throughout the race--at least until the last two legs, when I realized that there's more to Brent and Caite than I thought.

I caught up with Brent and Caite early this week, and apart from the obvious discussion of the lesbian couple's comments against them, we talked about losing sleep during pit stops and why Caite will never go away.

Whose idea was it to join The Amazing Race?

Brent: It was my idea to do the race. I love competing and traveling and I thought it would be an amazing experience. It has been one of my favorite shows to watch.

Caite: We both are Amazing Race fans.

Brent: I also thought it would help me learn more about Caite and how she deals with situations.

What was the hardest part of the race to cope with?

Caite: Lack of sleep. Even though we were given rest periods, you are so anxious [about] what's to happen next that it's hard to let your body get the rest it needs.

Brent: Getting food poisoning and getting good taxis.

What, or who, was the biggest pain in the ass?

Caite: Brent was definitely the biggest pain. It's hard to be around someone 24/7 as they are bound to get on your nerves. He'd probably say the same thing about me.

Brent: Carol, Brandy and Caite.

Caite: But it would've been tough being around any teammate like that 24/7.

Did you both expect to go this far?

Brent: I certainly thought I could make it to the end of the race. I knew I could compete with anyone on any challenge.

Caite: It was obviously our goal and dream to achieve what we have achieved. We knew that we had a great opportunity to make it to the final three but it was all up to how we played the game as well as others, which are a big part in the final outcome of each leg.

This would sound like an obvious question, but what did you both think of Carol and Brandy? From where I am it did seem they were pretty harsh on you, but when I interviewed them they said they had "nothing but kindness and support" before the U-turn in Singapore.

Brent: I think they showed their true colors on the show and viewers got a taste of what it was like to put up with them the entire time.

Caite: I only once heard something nice come out of Carol and Brandy's mouths, which was when we were doing the incense task, as Brent and I were kicking their ass. They said to me, "good job, Caite." Other than that all they had to say were negative comments, not only about us but to other teams as well.

Brent: They are negative people and very judgmental. They knew nothing about me but threw me under the bus just because I was associated with Caite. Their lack of respect to everyone inevitably cost them the race.

Was the U-turn a personal move or a strategic one?

Caite: It was, for the most part, a personal move. Many times I heard mean comments out of their mouths when the cameras weren't on them. Constantly they complained about not wanting to be there so when we got to that U-turn. We made their wish come true for them.

Brent: Once I realized the type of people they were, I said I wasn't going to lose to them. Also I did feel like, once we got back to the States for a possible final leg, they could prove to be a strong team, obviously depending on what challenges were ahead.

Caite: I think they showed their true colors at the finale.

Brent, were you worried that Caite's reputation, so to speak, would affect you both on the race?

Brent: Yes, I was worried. I knew it could possibly put a target on our back. Plus, people don't really like her attitude and I thought she could cost us there.

Caite, looking back now, do you think you've overcome your flub at the Miss Teen USA pageant through your time on the race?

Caite: It has been three years since the pageant and I have continued to change people's views of me for the better. The race was the ultimate step and I feel like I have won as many people over as I'll be able to. I will always have haters, but that's life for you.

Which part of the race would you want to do again?

Brent: Definitely the final leg. It's the most important leg in the race because you are racing for a million dollars. Had Caite not left our money bag we, at least, could've had a shot for second.

Caite: I would love to travel the world and compete in the tasks again! I had an amazing time and I wish I could be given a second opportunity to compete again, although I know that's not possible.

What's next for both of you after the race?

Brent: Continue on with my career and see what opportunities present themselves.

Caite: I just did a photo shoot for Maxim and landed a couple of national commercials. I will continue to pursue my career in acting, hosting and modeling. My manager and I are working on a few things right now, including my own show which we will pitch soon, so I guarantee you'll see me again in the near future. I'm not going anywhere!

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