Best and Worst Moments from 'The Amazing Race'
Best and Worst Moments from 'The Amazing Race'
This week we got to watch a really great leg of the Race. Not only were there a lot of different challenges, but the order really switched around and kept us on our toes. Some of the teams won us over, some kept their spots on our list of favorites, and some fell way, way out of favor. So let's examine some of the teams' finest and worst moments on this leg of The Amazing Race in Ghana.

The Good
Brook and Claire were actually quite charming, especially when Brook was on the speed bag and said, "Thank you, Coach, I like you" between calculated breaths. I don't know whether I'm just acclimating or if I've finally fallen under the Home Shopping Hosts' spell.
Connor and Jonathan and Gary and Mallory managed to keep their positive attitudes, and it put them ahead in the end. Maybe a positive attitude is the secret to keeping a clear head in the Detour?
Michael and Kevin also had some of the show's sweetest moments, with Michael's breakdown and tears over disappointing his son. Then they weren't eliminated and I was overjoyed.

The Bad
In the interview last week, Andie mentioned how their biggest stumbling block came in the form of the cab drivers in Ghana and this week seemed even worse. Nat and Kat's cab driver got so lost early on that they almost came in last. It would be so frustrating to be eliminated for something you had no control over.  They were even aware of the power of the cab, saying, "You can only make up time with a good cab driver, but with a bad one you can lose the game." And they got the worst cab driver, who even refused to turn around to go to the Akotoku Boxing Academy. THEN their next cab broke down!
Connor and Jonathan, who checked in to the Pit Stop first this week, were blessed with a good cab driver. Or was their cab driver good because they sang to him? Unsolved mysteries of The Amazing Race.

The Gleeks also made the wheelbarrow task and the "language arts" decoding look easy, which proved to be incredibly frustrating for most of the other teams. You can't just skim the instructions! They don't call it "The Amazing Race" for nothin'. Just look for "kidney bean, ladder, crazy," it's that easy.

The Ugly
At the beginning of this leg, Nick and Vicki give away their secret strategy: "Our strategy is to--" "Communicate. Communication is huge." But it went south from there. Way south. Also, I don't want to overlook how awful Katie and Rachel were (for example: "they only have one [wheelbarrow]," "well, they're idiots."). Too bad they had to take everything back because they forgot a trowel.

Here are some of Nick's sweetest moments:
"Good job reading that, that's awesome. It's fifth grade reading. Just go, GO! This is a joke."
"I don't give a $#%* about your sorries, to be totally honest with you."
"We had it in the bag . . . you have no common sense in your whole body."
"I'm pissed . . . I ain't gettin' over it until we see Phil and he says we're not last."
("Babe, I'm sorry!" -Vicki) "Is that going to keep us from losing now? NOPE!"
"You gotta be kidding me, something so stupid like this!"
"What's okay about this? I know it's okay to you but it's not okay to me so that makes it not okay."
"Are we that stupid? . . . We're the dumbest people known to earth. Literally."

Literally. What were your favorite moments? Next week I'm going to keep a tally of how many times the teams say "you got this."

(image courtesy of CBS)