A Sweep is as Lucky as Lucky Can Be on 'The Amazing Race'
A Sweep is as Lucky as Lucky Can Be on 'The Amazing Race'
Flight Time and Big Easy finished first last time, so they're first to get on a flight to Vienna, Austria. They like Austria because it's where the Terminator is from. The Globetrotters, Zev and Justin, Kisha and Jen, and Gary and Mallory get on a flight that arrives earlier, but has to make two connections. The efficient cowboys have learned that flights are sometimes delayed, so they take a chance on the one connection that gets in half an hour later. They're the only ones taking that gamble!

Kent and Vyxsin are cracking me up again, with their squabbling and threatening to step on each others' faces. The teams arrive in Vienna and get into their new 2012 Ford Focuses that have a video message from Phil to use the My Ford Touch system. It's a whole big thing, but the winners of this leg each get a Ford Focus! The secret message tells them "Schloss Schallaburg." It's a castle.

Gary and Mallory have trouble finding the message, and it's stressful because this is the leg they were eliminated on last time. Gooooooo Gary and Mallory! They figure it out just before the cowboys get into their Focus.

At the castle, the teams get a clue sending them to the National Library. They just had to "grab a big book from the chick from Harry Potter," if you ask Justin, but Kent thought it was a nice man. Gender lines are blurred there anyway. Jet and Cord are struggling to keep up with the other teams, and Kent and Vyxsin are having trouble getting along.

Detour! The teams will choose between Long Hard Walk and Quick and Easy Meal. For "Long Hard Walk," the teams will carry a couch through town (through the crowded, narrow streets I'm sure). For "Quick & Easy Meal," teams will eat a bunch of food on a ferris wheel. They have to eat it in 12 minutes. Guh! I bet Ron is sad he missed the eating challenge.

The Globetrotters and the goths choose to move the couch, while Zev and Justin, Kisha and Jen, and Gary and Mallory, get hungry. There's a giant piece of cake with the meal, too! Oh my god. I don't like to sweat while I'm cramming my face. The eating challenges always make me feel so bad for the teams.

Kisha and Jen don't eat all the food in their allotted time, so they move to the other Detour, followed by Zev and Justin. Both teams told Gary and Mallory that the food was good and the challenge was easy. I could cry.

The Globetrotters are first to collect the couch, even though they are not exactly experts on Sigmund Freud. I feel bad for the teams doing this on a full stomach. The cowboys wisely choose "Long Hard Walk." Could anyone really eat all that food in 12 minutes? Mallory offers to throw up and try again, but Gary declines.

Carrying the couches is hard work. Jet and Cord see Zev and Justin and know they're back in the game. After dropping off the couch, teams will head to Salzburg. On their way, the Globetrotters discuss "which one is Freud?" ("He's that one who had the dreams about his mom and stuff.")

Carrying the couch is not going well for Kent and Vyxsin. They're struggling to keep it positive, but they must have felt better after getting their couch in second. Kisha and Jen are close behind, followed by the cowboys, then Zev and Justin. Gary and Mallory are in last place, with Gary carrying the pillow in his teeth.

Things start to even up as some of the teams get lost (Kent and Vyxsin, who are falling apart quickly), and pass each other on the road. In Salzburg, the teams get the Road Block, for which one team member will dress up as a chimney sweep and well, sweep a chimney. Steppin' Time!

The Globetrotters finish first, and go to the Pit Stop at the Villa Trapp (the real life house of the Von Trapp family!). Sadly for Gary and Mallory, the chimney sweep challenge isn't terribly difficult. Is it weird that I'm super attracted to Cord in that chimney sweep outfit?

Zev and Justin check in first and win cars! That is better than Snapple. Flight Time and Big Easy check in second, followed by Kent and Vyxsin. Kisha and Jen are in fourth, with the cowboys coming in fifth. Gary and Mallory check in last, but it's a non-elimination leg and they'll have another chance! Yay!

Next week, the teams go to Lichtenstein and there's another eating challenge.

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(image courtesy of CBS)