[Video] 'The 100' Spoilers: The War Continues
[Video] 'The 100' Spoilers: The War Continues
Carla Day
Carla Day
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A war has been declared on The 100. This is a rare situation where it's difficult to place blame on who started it other than to say it began when the drop ship landed on Earth. While there was no malicious intent, a series of misunderstandings sparked a deadly war.

Spoiler alert: This article contains The 100 spoilers and clips. 

In "The Calm," Clarke and Finn are forced to help Anya deal with the aftermath of the bridge bombing. Given the title, will they come to a peaceful understanding? Or, will it be a "calm" before the storm?

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Grounders Attack

The communication problems between the Ark and the ground continue leaving both locations unaware of the other's problems. 

When the 100's food supply is destroyed, they are forced outside of camp to hunt and the Grounders attack. One of them gets an arrow to the chest, while Clarke and Finn are captured and taken to Anya.

Anya wants Clarke to save the life of a young Grounder girl that was on the bridge when it exploded. Anya threatens Finn's life, "If she dies, he dies."


Raven is irritable. Bellamy shows up for ammunition and she gives him a few bullets and pushes him away. She's decided to leave camp and go out on her own. 

Bellamy's such a charmer when he bluntly tells Raven, "Don't be an idiot. You go alone, you're dead or worse."

That may not have been the most smooth way to convince her to stay, but he comes around and wins her over by complimenting her smarts. He reminds her of what's she's accomplished and that they need her help to come up with a plan.

Radios! She has a new mission to find the materials to make radios so they can communicate with each other and coordinate their movements.

Look Who's Alive!

The 100 111 Abby.jpg
Diana didn't take Abby with them after all. While the doctor's skills would have been helpful on the ground, Abby's disobedience would have been a challenge to overcome. 

Abby may have to wait to be reunited with Clarke, but she's alive! 

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