'The 100' Season Finale Spoilers: Sacrifice and Death
'The 100' Season Finale Spoilers: Sacrifice and Death
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The 100 finale is about facing death and pushing through for the people on the ground and up on the Ark. Clarke and Bellamy will lead their gang into battle against the Grounders, while Jaha sends most of his people to their deaths.

Spoiler alert: This article contains The 100 spoilers and clips. 

The season finale is a heartwrenching hour highlighted by leadership, sacrifice and death. The characters you've grown to love will be forced into making difficult and heartbreaking decisions. 

These teens may have been criminals on the Ark and full of character flaws, but they work together against a force greater than their own in order to survive. Selflessness and team work aren't enough and lives will be lost.

By the end of the hour, many unanswered questions from the season will be revealed, but the explanations may just heighten your curiosity even more. Monty fans: You will find out what happened to him. 

Check out three video sneak peeks which provide more insight into the finale.

The Ark is Coming Down

Without any other option for survival, Jaha decides to bring the Ark to the ground. The outlook is grime with 95% of the Ark expected to burn up before it reaches Earth. Most will die, but at least some have the chance to make it. 

On the ground, a fight breaks out between Bellamy and Finn over the group's next move. Should they stay or should they go? Clarke and Finn know what's coming and they don't believe the group can beat the Grounder force led by Tristian.

"This is a show where anybody can die at any time." - Jason Rothenberg

Bellamy sends the gunners to their posts and closes the gate to protect against an attack.

Season 2 will "be completely different" from what they did this season.

What is Bravery?

Raven's still alive! Clarke cauterizes her wound to stop the bleeding. Murphy's explosion when he escaped hurts their plans because there's no gunpowder left. They have enough rocket fuel for 100s of bombs, but nothing left to ignite them.

Bellamy wonders if the reapers will help in the battle. "Enemy of my enemy is my friend, right?" Clarke says the reapers are not a good option.

Raven can't walk, so she'll have to be carried out of the camp. Finn leaves to make a stretcher and Bellamy ridicules him. 

Bellamy's angry about the decision to leave and calls it out as a cowardice move. Finn replies that staying and dying isn't brave, it's stupid. Bellamy doesn't want to go and Finn says he doesn't have to come with them.

Clarke recognizes the importance of Bellamy coming with them. She tells him, "We can't do this without you, Bellamy." It's a battle of pride. She wants him to come with them. Bellamy "inspires them" and she's afraid they'll need that before the day is over.

The Grounders attack! 

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9pm ET on the CW.

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