'The 100' Recap: The Search for Survivors
'The 100' Recap: The Search for Survivors
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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The Ark recovers from the Exodus ship launch, and Clarke tries to save the life of a young Grounder. 
Back to the Ark

There were really only two big storylines on tonight's episode of The 100, but one involved the Ark, which was entirely missing from last week's episode. 

On the Ark, the episode starts out with Kane wandering around the ship looking for survivors of the launch of the Exodus drop ship, which severely damaged the main vessel. He eventually finds a small group, including a man named Wick who sort of becomes his right-hand man this episode.

While searching the ship, Kane notices the air cooling off in one area, and realizes that the only place it can be manually changed that way is in the Earth monitoring room. He takes that as a sign that someone is alive there and trying to send a message.

That person is Jaha, who they are eventually able to communicate with via intercom. He tells Kane and Wick that someone is rerouting most of the oxygen to the mess hall and orders them to go there and leave him behind the blocked entrance to the room he's in. Of course, Kane doesn't listen, and when he works to rescue Jaha, the others in his group help him out and they're soon able to break through to rescue Jaha and the other survivors in the room.

Jaha and Kane discuss the fact that there are likely less than 1000 survivors of the drop ship launch, which I guess will make it easier if they do find a way to get people to Earth and they have limited spots. Look at the bright side, everyone! And thanks to some ship data that Wick finds and presents, they realize there might be people still alive in the drop ship service bay as well. 

Kane crawls down the extremely hot maintenance shaft to get to the service bay, and finds people in that section of the ship who are in fact alive. One of the survivors? Abby, Clarke's mom, who the young woman thought had died in the Exodus ship launch.

New Problems on Earth

Back on Earth, there's been no word from the Ark, and Clarke declares that it's clear no one is coming to save them; they have to deal with the threat of the Grounders entirely on their own.

Meanwhile, Octavia, Murphy, and another one of the 100 work in the smokehouse cooking meat for the camp, and Octavia is scoffed at by the second guy for her tryst with Lincoln. Murphy defends her, which might be a hint that he's back to being a good guy -- but then there's an incident that hints at the very opposite of that.

The smokehouse mysteriously goes up in flames, and Murphy blames the other guy for putting too much wood on the fire just to spite Octavia. As a result, they have lost a large amount of their food supply. Is it just me, or does anyone else think Murphy probably had a hand in decimating it in this way?

Organizing the Hunt

Since they only have enough nuts and berries to last a few weeks, Bellamy orders hunting groups to form to find more food out in the woods. He orders the others to use their spears for hunting, to save the bullets for the Grounders, and to go out in small groups for safety.

A young man, Myles, asks if he can join Clarke on the hunt, and Finn joins them as well. This makes Raven make some sad faces in his general direction, because although she says everything between them is fine, it's clearly not.

Bellamy reminds a disgruntled Raven of all the cool stuff she's done, and this pep talk gives her the idea to make walkie talkies for the 100. Why didn't she think of that before?


Finn finds tracks that are too perfect to be real out in the woods, and his observation is quickly proven correct when a Grounder shoots Myles and attacks Finn and Clarke to drag them away from the scene. Anya is with them, which is bad news for that couple of crazy kids.

They are brought to the Grounders healing chamber, and informed that their healer is dead. Anya orders Clarke to heal a young Grounder girl, Tris, and says that if she dies, Finn dies too. But no pressure or anything.


Once informed that Tris was on the bridge when the bomb went off, Clarke realizes it was trauma from the blast that affected her chest and damaged her lungs; in short, she's drowning in her own blood. Clarke cuts into her and inserts a tube so she can breathe, but Anya walks in just then and freaks when she sees the blood, knocking Clarke and Finn to the floor in her anger.

Not much longer after that altercation, Anya checks on Tris and realizes the girl is very warm. Clarke realizes that her heart rate is up and she's probably septic, and questions why Tris was on the bridge during the explosion in the first place. Anya explains that she was her "second," and that that's how they train their own to be warriors. Clarke obviously finds this screwed up, but it's not like there's anything she can do about it.

Unfortunately, just as Clarke and Finn find a way to do a blood transfusion on Tris, using Finn's blood no less, Tris promptly dies. Anya pulls a knife and cuts off one of Tris' braids before ordering Finn to be taken away and killed, despite the fact that Clarke did everything she could to save the young girl.

Keeping Clarke

One of the Grounders tells Clarke they are going to keep her since they no longer have a healer, and when Clarke asks whether she'll see her people again, she's told that after the next day, there will be nothing and no one for her to go back to. That's pretty ominous.

After questioning the Grounder about the marks she saw on Tris (each represents a kill a Grounder has made), Clarke manages to attack him and tries to escape their territory. She's literally left hanging when she's caught in a trap and ends up suspended from a tree. Whoops!

Raven's Project

Monty shows Raven that something clearly jammed the signal of the drop ship just before it got close to Earth, but she's not very interested in hearing about his finding. Instead, she figures out that she can use components from the device he was listening to to make walkie talkies, along with parts from the radio. 

Monty is reluctant to let her tear apart the radio, since it's the only way to communicate with the Ark, but Raven coldly states that the Ark isn't there anymore to communicate with. It's a cruel statement, since Monty still has family supposedly on the ship.


After venting to Bellamy about the situation with Finn, Bellamy basically tells her to grow up and move on, and Raven resolves to do so -- with his help. She starts to strip and propositions him, and Bellamy tells her he's not the sort of guy who will tell her to take a step back and think about what she's doing. No, he's the guy who's happy to have a half-naked girl in front of him who quickly ends up fully naked.

So the two hook up, which is a little lame and predictable if you ask me. When he asks afterwards whether it helped, she says no and leaves. If I were Bellamy, I might takes that pretty personally!

Monty's Missing

After Raven's done building the walkie talkies, and after apologizing to Monty for her earlier insensitive comments, Monty informs her that Myles, Finn and Clarke are still missing. So a small group heads out with the new devices to find the missing members of the 100.

Monty notices the same signal playing over the frequency as the one he heard over the device recording the data from the drop ship, but no one pays him any mind. People really should listen to the kid more often. After his comment, he sees something, and soon disappears, walkie talkie left lying on the ground where he stood. 

Loose Ends

The others find Myles in the bushes, badly wounded but with enough strength to tell them Finn and Clarke were captured. It's determined that they have to bring him back to camp, much to Raven's displeasure since it means they can't keep looking for Clarke and Finn. 

So tonight's episode of The 100 ends with one less Grounder, and two of the 100 still missing from their ranks. Will the others find Clarke and Finn in time? We'll have to tune into the final two episodes of The 100 to find out!

The 100 airs every Wednesday at 9pm on the CW.

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