'The 100' Recap: The One Where Everyone Gets High
'The 100' Recap: The One Where Everyone Gets High
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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On tonight's episode of The 100, Octavia's Grounder friend gets a name, Bellamy has a bit of a breakdown, and everyone gets high and hallucinates. No, seriously.


Now that the Ark and the 100's camp have made contact, the teens are able to communicate with their families, so early on in tonight's episode we see Clarke speaking with Jaha and the Council through a video feed.

She's concerned because winter is coming, but not to worry, because the Council has found records of an emergency aid depot not far from the landing site that should be good shelter during the winter and have plenty of supplies. How convenient!

Eventually, Jaha has the Council leave so he can speak with Clarke privately. He wants her to forgive her mother, but Clarke is just not ready to forgive the person who essentially ordered her father's death, for some weird reason! Who would've thought?

After that little chat, a boy named Dax is called up to speak with his mother, but what he finds on the screen instead is Shumway, the man who gave Bellamy the gun to kill Jaha. He makes the kid a deal: in exchange for a good assignment when Shumway is on Earth, and for Dax's mother to be on the first drop ship down, he is to kill Bellamy. The guy's gotta cover his tracks, you see.


Meanwhile, Octavia and Bellamy argue a bit about him not letting her go up to see her special Grounder friend, when Clarke shows up to tell Bellamy about the depot. He agrees to go with her to find it, so the two get a private little adventure on tonight's The 100.

Clarke changes Finn's bandages before she goes, and he wants to go as well, but Raven reassures him that Clarke is a big girl and can handle it. Also, she probably doesn't want those two around each other without her as a buffer, am I right?

Clarke notices Bellamy taking way more rations than necessary for a day trip, but he brushes off her inquiry and she doesn't question him further. And as they're leaving, they're followed by Dax, who apparently has taken on Shumway's mission after all.


When the guy watching the Grounder leaves to talk to his family on the Ark, Octavia has a chance to rush up and talk to her rescuer. She gives him water, and realizes that he definitely understands all of what she's saying. And as she's cleaning him off, he tells her his name: Lincoln.

When he doesn't want to speak with her more, she questions why he would tell her his name if it's not safe for them to converse, and he tells her he wants her to remember him when he's dead. The guy's a bit of a downer, guys, but he's an attractive downer, so I can see why Octavia is into him.

When Octavia tells Lincoln to just tell the others he's not the enemy, he replies, "I am." Which probably doesn't bode well for future relations. But before they can talk further, someone comes up, and Octavia is ordered out under threat of Lincoln being harmed if she doesn't leave.


Clarke and Bellamy talk while they look for the depot, because silence for that long can get awkward, I guess, and she tells him he can't avoid Jaha forever. Bellamy doesn't think the Chancellor will forgive and forget him shooting the man, which I don't exactly disagree with. Most importantly, while they're talking, we see that Dax is still following them.

Eventually, Clarke finds a door, and they're able to get it open and go inside to find the depot they'd been looking for. It's disgusting, and it appears that there are only blankets left of the supplies down there, but Bellamy discovers a more important stash hidden in the shelter: weapons. Guns, to be more precise.

So Bellamy tries to help Clarke learn how to shoot, but when they have a bit of a "moment" during the lesson, he takes the gun and demonstrates instead. Well, he tries to, but his gun only has dud bullets, so she gives it a shot after all. When she shoots for the first time, she's amazed by the feeling, but feels badly for feeling that way. 

As they continue to talk, Clarke eventually realizes that Bellamy isn't planning on returning to camp with her. He refuses to be locked up again, or worse, when the people from the Ark come. When she tries to talk him out of his plan, he flounces off, leaving her to continue shooting by herself.

Trouble in Paradise

Back at the camp, Octavia and Raven have a bit of a snarky conversation, during which Octavia implies that Finn is not that into Raven anymore and has found a new flame instead. Raven runs off to her boyfriend after, and after giving him some water, she puts the moves on the teenaged boy. 

When Finn tries to bring up what happened with Clarke, Raven says she already knows and doesn't ever want to talk about it. She asks if he loves her, and he replies, "Always." And then they presumably get to the sexcapades, but we don't see anything more than Raven starting to take her clothes off.

Everybody Must Get Stoned

Outside their tent, Monty and Jasper get high. No, really. When Jasper thinks he sees a Grounder and goes to Octavia about it, confessing his love for her in his impaired state, she realizes whatever he's eating has caused him to get high and see things. So our clever little Octavia gets an idea. 

She brings the food Jasper and Monty were eating to the guy guarding Lincoln, and I guess to others in the camp as well, because pretty soon everyone is high! When Monty barges into Finn and Raven's love nest, she stumbles out and realizes something is very wrong, and only she, Finn and Octavia are not affected.

Coming to Terms

The kids in the camp aren't the only ones who are losing it over what turn out to be jobi beans! The beans were in the rations that Clarke and Bellamy took too, so they start freaking out as well.

Bellamy thinks he sees a taunting Jaha, and then hordes of zombies of the 320 people killed in the culling. In case you were wondering, he's got a bit of a guilty conscience. When he tries to run, he's surrounded, and even hours later, he still sees the souls of those killed in the culling and his Chancellor surrounding him, calling him a murderer. 

Back in the depot, Clarke hallucinates and sees her father. She realizes very quickly that he's not real, and "Jake" tries to convince her to forgive her mother. In case you were wondering, she's a bit conflicted about that.

"Jake" tells his daughter that she's doing the best she can, and she knows he wants her to admit her mother was just doing the same thing. When she says her mother doesn't deserve her forgiveness for what she did, her vision of her father tells her that whether someone deserves forgiveness isn't what matters.

Clarke is still reluctant, and then suddenly everything changes. "Jake" calls her a crazy bitch, and it's revealed that in reality, Dax is standing behind her. He hits her and knocks her out, then goes after Bellamy. 

Damage Control

At the camp, Octavia lets Lincoln out, and disguises him so she can lead him out while everyone outside is too freaking stoned to notice. When she tries to send him off, he kisses her, which I think we all totally saw coming, and then he goes, leaving her dumbfounded butt behind.

Outside, Raven is telling a boy, and I quote, "The most beautiful broom in a broom closet full of brooms." Not only is it exactly what the guy wanted to hear, but it might just be the best line uttered on this show, I kid you not.

Nearby, Finn is out helping Raven and the other teens when he sees the Grounder come outside. He gives the guy the nod and lets him go, which is kind of a big deal since the dude was willing to let him die and all.


Meanwhile, Bellamy is in the woods pleading with "Jaha" to just kill him, but "Jaha" tells him he owes it to all the people killed in the culling to live and suffer with what he did. Finally, he breaks out of his hallucinatory state long enough to realize Dax is standing over him with a gun, but then Clarke is there with another gun. Basically Bellamy is the only one without a gun.

When Dax mentions Shumway's name, Bellamy confesses that Shumway was the guy to give him the gun to kill Jaha, then Dax tries to shoot Clarke since his orders were that there be no witnesses. Bellamy attacks the guy for going after Clarke, and eventually he kills Dax.

Facing Reality

After, Bellamy laments that he's ashamed of what his mother would think of who he's become, that she wanted him to be better than what he is. "All I do is hurt people," he states. "I'm a monster."

Clarke tells Bellamy that she needs him, and that she forgives him if he needs forgiveness from somewhere. But she also tells he can't run, that he has to stay and face whatever's going to happen when he talks to Jaha.

Bellamy compares him not facing what he needs to with Clarke not facing her mom, and he's not totally wrong. But he also reminds her that he could be killed for what he did, and she tells him they'll figure out something else. 

Then they share a lovely reflective moment together before they have to face reality back at camp, all while sharing their little forest clearing with a dead body. Touching.

Back at Camp

At the 100's camp, Octavia fakes that she was just as high as everyone else, so when it's announced that the Grounder is missing, she has an alibi. Smart girl.

Bellamy and Clarke return, and Bellamy announces that he's sick of being afraid, before they throw down the guns to show the others their find. Bellamy says they'll start training them all the next day, and that if the Grounders return in retaliation for what happened to one of their own, they'll be ready.

When Bellamy questions if Octavia was involved in the disappearance of the Grounder, she denies it, obviously. He also tells her that no matter what, he's not going anywhere, which is probably exactly what she needed to hear from her big brother. Aw.


When Jaha, Bellamy, and Clarke talk, Clarke tells Jaha that Bellamy is one of the big reasons so many of the 100 are still alive. She asks that he be pardoned, but Jaha says it's just not that simple.

But Bellamy pulls out the big guns, and says that if Jaha wants to know the name of the guy who wants him dead on the Ark, it had better be that simple. So the Chancellor pardons him after all, and Bellamy gives up Shumway's name.

When Kane and some of his men find Shumway, Shumway states that he was only fighting for what he believes in. But when Kane questions him about what exactly that is, the guy won't answer. Another mystery on The 100.


When Clarke goes to clean Finn's wounds again, he questions her judgment in bringing guns back to camp. She says they need to be prepared, but he brings up the excellent point that their ancestors wanted to be prepared too -- so prepared that they built nuclear bombs just in case.

She finally tells Finn that she trusts Bellamy, and he's dumbstruck. He believes the two of them are leading the 100 down a dangerous road, and that he wishes she had talked to him first. She replies that she wishes he had talked to her about a lot of things first, and just then, surprise surprise, Raven walks in! Subtle, The 100.

Diana's Deception

On the Ark, Shumway awaits being floated in the final few minutes of this episode of The 100. But then, Diana shows up, and he's relieved, apparently thinking he's saved and implying that they're in cahoots together.

But Diana isn't there to save him. In fact, she has one of her cronies kill the man and has him make it appear to be a suicide, so she's really no help to him at all. 

So now we know Diana isn't to be trusted after all! Does she have a sinister plot planned to overthrow Jaha? To control the Council? Who knows, but we'll have to keep watching The 100 to find out!

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9pm on the CW.

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