'The 100' Recap: Secrets and Lies
'The 100' Recap: Secrets and Lies
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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The 100 want revenge for Wells' death, and Abby and Raven continue to work on getting to Earth themselves. 

Stages of Grief

We learn in the first few minutes of tonight's episode of The 100 that everyone believes the Grounders killed Wells. However, if you watched last week's episode, you know better. 

In the first scene, Clarke sits at Wells' grave and reminisces about her friend, when Finn gives her an art pencil, saying that Wells always traded his own stuff to get her art things when they were little. And she still can't believe Wells let her hate him, when all along it was her mother whose actions led to her father's death; it was never the fault of her oldest friend.

So, in order to hurt her mother,and make her feel just a little bit of what she's feeling, she takes her wristband off. On the Ark, alarms go off, and the screens show that Clarke's transmission is terminated, which, to those on the ship, means that she is probably dead. 

But Abby is in denial, and says things could still be stabilizing down below. She leaves the room monitoring the vitals of the 100, and heads off to focus on Raven's work with the pod.

Back at Camp

Monty's job this episode is to work with the wristband Clarke provides to try to establish communication with the Ark. After giving it to him, Clarke wanders outside, and we see that the 100 are building a wall to keep the Grounders out. 

Bellamy's crony, who I finally remembered this episode, is named Murphy, ridicules a younger boy for not working as fast and as much as he'd like, but Bellamy stops him. After Bellamy wanders off, Murphy pisses on the boy. I mean, literally pisses on him. What a jerk.

Nearby, Octavia is helping Jasper to walk just outside the camp, but he's reluctant. Another member of the 100 scares him by pretending to drag Octavia away -- again, what a jerk! And when Jasper tries and falls after this incident, he finds a knife and a few of Wells' fingers on the ground. Gross!

The Killer Revealed

Jasper and Octavia go to Bellamy and Clarke and a few others about their discovery, and they realize that Wells wasn't killed by a Grounder, but one of their own. Bellamy wants to keep this quiet, since fear of the Grounders is a strong motivator in getting the others to build the wall, but Clarke isn't having it.

She runs outside and confronts Murphy, whose initials were on the knife, and he denies that he had anything to do with Wells' death. When no one will believe him, he says he doesn't answer to anyone, but Bellamy begs to differ. 

The 100 grow angry around the confrontation, and start demanding justice for Wells. Murphy tries to run, and despite Clarke's efforts, and a few of the others trying to intervene -- the crowd starts to beat Murphy. Charlotte backs away as the crowd gags Murphy and drags him around, because it could have been her getting that treatment if they knew the truth.

The angry mob hangs Murphy from a tree, and I gotta say, this whole scene was way more gruesome than I expected from a show airing during a fairly early evening hour on the CW. I mean, we legitimately see a teenager almost hanged to death. That's intense.

I say almost, because after the crowd chants for Bellamy to finish Murphy off, and Bellamy kicks whatever is under the other boy out from underneath him so he'll be strangled to death, Charlotte admits the truth: she's the killer, not Murphy.

Clarke cuts Murphy down just in time, but the damage has been done: the 100 are out for blood, and they aren't about to stop until they get it.

The Final Part

Back on the Ark, Kane grows suspicious of Abby going to the room where Raven is working on the pod so often, but she convinces him that a mechanic is sick and he declines going with her when she suggests he'll have to be inoculated first. It's a clever ruse on her part.

Abby goes to Raven and tells her about the loss of Clarke's signal, and how she's more adamant than ever to launch the pod. But Raven needs a part, so she goes to barter for it with someone she knows can help her to get it.

She asks the woman, Nigel, for a pressure regulator, and Nigel suggests that in order to get it, Raven will have to repay a favor Nigel owes the Chief of Electrical. Her trade? That Raven sleep with the guy in exchange for the part.

Raven refuses, and Nigel makes a crack about her mother taking that sort of deal, several times, before the mechanic loses it and is dragged out of the room. I don't blame her for not taking that sort of comment lying down; you don't mess with someone's mama!

When Raven tells Abby she wasn't able to get the regulator, and reveals that she went to Nigel for a trade, Abby is nervous because she knows Nigel might be in cahoots with Kane. But she says she'll take care of it, and we can see why she's getting desperate: all the patients waiting outside her exam area? They're suffering from oxygen deprivation. The Ark is running out of time.

Protecting Charlotte

Back on Earth, Bellamy, Finn, and Clarke have Charlotte in a tent, and most of the rest of the 100 are outside of it with Murphy leading the way and demanding that the young girl be brought out to them.

Bellamy goes out to talk to Murphy, and says when he would have let Murphy be killed, he was just giving the people what they wanted. Murphy suggests that they do the same this time, but when he asks the crowd who thinks Charlotte should be killed, only a few people raise their hands. He's pissed, since just minutes before they would have seen him killed for merely thinking he did what they know Charlotte did.

Bellamy tells Murphy it's over and turns away, but Murphy attacks him and tries to go after Charlotte anyway. Luckily, Finn and Clarke are running off with her into the woods, so she's safe from Bellamy's former crony for the time being.

As the three run through the woods, Charlotte tries to grab Clarke's hand, but Clarke is angry with her, and says she isn't forgiven for what she did. She lays into the younger girl, telling her she can't just go around killing people to make herself feel better, which I personally think is great advice.

Murphy and a small mob are looking for them, but luckily, Finn has a plan. He leads them to an underground shelter full of supplies that no one else knows about. Good thing he's been exploring the woods on his own so much!

In the Shelter

Later, after tucking Charlotte in and thinking she's asleep, Finn reveals that the shelter is where he found the art pencil for Clarke, and they talk about the people who would have used that shelter, and how they never made it to it. Would it have been worth it, Clarke questions, to have been stuck down there for years and to eventually die off anyway when they ran out of food?

Clarke then laments that she never should have confronted Murphy, and that Bellamy was right and they should have kept the truth hidden. There have to be consequences for their actions, she says; the 100 can't keep living without rules.

Of course, Charlotte is listening this whole time. So it's not a surprise when, after their philosophical conversation leads to Finn and Clarke falling asleep on the couch, Clarke wakes to find the younger girl gone.

The Truth Comes Out

On the Ark, Abby barters for the pressure regulator with Nigel with morphine she's taken from the clinic, and Nigel agrees to the deal. But she later gives the information to Kane while they're listening to his mother preach, or something, to a small group in a sort of religious ceremony. So, I guess even on a ship years into the future, religion still exists. Interesting.

A friend from the monitoring room warns Abby that Kane knows about the missing morphine, and Abby, who is in the pod room with Raven at the time, tells the other girl to launch that pod no matter what happens. Raven says that they'll float Abby for what she's done, but Abby is ready to accept her punishment if it means someone will reach the ground and see what's happening with the 100. "Tell Clarke I love her," she says to Raven. Aww.

Charlotte's Sacrifice

On Earth, Bellamy finds Charlotte, who is running from Finn and Clarke, but she's actively trying to be found by Murphy and his mob. "I'm the one they want," she says, but Bellamy refuses to leave her. 

Eventually, both Murphy's group and Finn and Clarke find them, and there's a standoff by a cliff. Murphy grabs Clarke and threatens to slit her throat if Charlotte doesn't give herself up, but Clarke tells her not to do it.

Charlotte decides to take matters into her own hands, saying that she can't let anyone else get hurt because of her, then proceeds to jump off the cliff to her death! Wow, this show doesn't pull any punches when it comes to killing off characters!

Bellamy attacks Murphy, and when Clarke says he'll kill him if he doesn't stop, he says the other boy deserves to die. But Clarke says that's not their decision, and finally admits that sometimes it's dangerous to tell people the truth.

"We need rules," she declares, then suggests that for what happened, Murphy be banished from the camp, which is basically a death sentence. Bellamy swears if he sees Murphy near the camp again, he'll drag him right back to that cliff, then says his little mob of followers can either follow him off into the woods, or go back to camp with them. 

Of course they choose the camp, so Murphy is left alone out in the woods. Will we see him again, or is he destined to die out there?

"I Still Believe"

On the Ark, Raven tries to put in the part she needed, and finds that it's faulty. Meanwhile, Kane and his men find Abby, and despite everything, Abby says she still believes that their mission with the 100 hasn't failed.

While Kane gives a monologue about Raven and how her boyfriend, Finn, is one of the 100, and that Abby had better tell him just what exactly she's up to, the scene cuts back and forth between him and Raven, who decides to put on a suit and attempt the launch anyway. 

Just after Abby admits that she's trying to save them all, and Kane orders her arrest, Raven launches the pod, and the group hears her takeoff. Kane asks what she's done, and all Abby will say is, "We have to know the truth."

Making Contact

On the ground, Bellamy and Clarke address the 100, and though we can't hear them, we can assume they're talking to them about what happened with Murphy and establishing some rules. 

Finally, near the end of the episode, Monty says the wristband should be ready for communication with the Ark, then asks Jasper to do the honors and make the final connection. When the other boy does so, however, sparks go off, and all of the wristbands are fried. And to those on the Ark, that doesn't look good. Whoops!

Finn storms off, and Jasper laments that he must be cursed. But Octavia calls him brave instead, and "rewards" him for his bravery with a kiss before leaving. Monty gives his bro the thumps up, as you do in times like these. 

In the shelter, Finn is smashing the crap out of everything, and Clarke runs in to calm him. He's freaking out because he thinks everyone on the Ark will die and they'll be alone, but she reassures him that he's never alone.

Then, of course, he kisses her, and they start ripping each other's clothes off. All while his girlfriend is barreling towards Earth. That should end well!

Tune in next week to another episode of The 100, airing every Wednesday night at 9pm on the CW.

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