'The 100' Recap: Everyone Wants Answers
'The 100' Recap: Everyone Wants Answers
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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Clarke and Raven work to save Finn's life, Bellamy and his cronies question a Grounder, and the Ark and the 100 are able to communicate.

Communication is Key

While Abby is being confronted by the Council about her recent crimes in alerting the people of the Ark to its dire situation and getting Raven to Earth, the meeting is interrupted by Raven's voice. She's finally able to communicate with the Ark during this episode of The 100, and she and Clarke desperately need Abby's assistance to keep Finn alive after he was attacked in the previous episode.

Abby is told that since her medical expertise is still needed on the Ark, her life will be spared, but her seat on the Council is revoked. But she has other things to worry about, since it's that same medical knowledge that will help save Finn. 

But there's one catch to the communications being reestablished between the ship and the ground: when Raven first contacts the Ark, her voice is heard all over the ship, so the rest of the people on it hear her message initially too. Not the best way for people who've recently lost loved ones to a culling to find out that they could have been spared if the communications had been established earlier.

Bad News

After Raven's messages are contained to the control room, Abby is able to help Clarke with Finn from there. Unfortunately, there's a hurricane directly on top of the 100's camp while they try to talk, so the radio keeps cutting out. This is also disturbing the peace down on Earth, where everyone is battening down the hatches to ride out the storm.

When Jaha asks Clarke about Wells, she has to break the news to the Chancellor that his son is dead. He runs out of the room as Abby continues to coach Clarke, and it's clear that he's in no position to lead at the moment.

Just after Clarke and Raven start talking with the Ark, Bellamy drags back the Grounder who had held Octavia captive previously. He wants answers, and he wants them now, and I think we all know Bellamy is one to take drastic measures if he wants to get something done.

Saving Finn

With Abby coaching her, Clarke gets to work on helping Finn. Abby reassures her daughter that she's helped her on much more complicated surgeries, which is an interesting tidbit to learn about the young woman. Abby tells Clarke to pull the knife out of Finn, but he wakes up in the process of her doing so; Raven has to hold him down so he doesn't move in his painful state.

The storm outside shakes the shelter just as Clarke pulls the knife out, and even though Finn is knocked to the floor, she's successful and it's safely removed. Unfortunately, he's feverish and pale, but Abby tells Clarke and Raven that's to be expected. Because surely there won't be more complications when there's so much time left in the episode!

New Developments

Bellamy has the Grounder tied up to ask him questions in an upper level of the shelter, and he's obviously already beaten the guy up a little bit. Octavia tries to stop her brother, saying the Grounder saved her, but Bellamy won't hear it.

Someone in his group finds a journal belonging to the Grounder filled with drawings. One of the drawings is of Octavia, another of the 100's camp. Next to the depiction of the camp, there's 102 marks, and ten are crossed out, obviously representing the 100 and those they've already lost.

Bellamy freaks out, so when Clarke takes a break from the Finn situation to see what's going on with the Grounder, she isn't pleased to see that the boy hasn't exactly been kind to their guest. He shows her the journal and claims they're in a war, trying to convince her that questioning the Grounder violently is the right decision, when Raven screams to Clarke that Finn is seizing downstairs.

The Old Chancellor

On the Ark, Jaha is quietly grieving his son when a woman comes to his door. Diana, as it turns out her name is, was once Chancellor herself, and she has a few suggestions for the current elected official.

"The workers are angry," Diana claims, and coming to her with dangerous questions. Suspicion and rumors are running rampant in the Ark population, and she has some suggestions for Jaha, but he's not interested. While talking to him, she notices he's activated Project Exodus, the plan to get them all back to the ground, and she congratulates him on being the leader who's able to bring their people back to Earth.

She claims to be an ally, and to want to bring unity to the Ark, but I'm not so sure about her. I think she has ulterior motives. I guess we'll see.

Kane's Remorse

Elsewhere on the Ark, Kane visits a memorial for the 320 people who died in the culling sacrifice. He's confronted by angry family members and friends of those sacrificed, and even his peace-keeping mother can't stop the mob.

Jaha breaks the whole thing up, but the people are still restless. Most of them are forced to leave, but Jaha and Kane stay at the memorial and Kane finally breaks down about killing all those people. Jaha basically tells him to buck up and get over it, which I guess is supposed to be an example of a leadership moment on his part.

Running Out of Time

As it turns out, there's fluid in Finn's lungs, and Clarke has to continue working on saving his life. Raven is unable to get Abby back on the radio, so it's just the two girls standing between the boy and death.

Clarke quickly realizes that the fluid is poison, and that it came from the knife the Grounder attacked Finn with. She confronts the man, and she and Octavia grab some vials the Grounder had on him and plead with him to tell them which is the antidote, but he won't answer.

Amid Octavia's protests, Bellamy starts whipping the guy to get answers, with Clarke's reluctant approval. It soon becomes clear, however, that this method isn't working. Bellamy instead grabs some sort of stake and stabs it through the poor guy's hand! Ouch.

Downstairs, Finn stopped breathing but started up again, according to Raven, who runs up to find Clarke. She gets fed up with the Grounder not helping them and starts shocking the abused man with some wires she finds nearby. These kids are not pulling any punches!

Then Octavia realizes what she has to do: she grabs the knife and cuts herself, telling the others that the Grounder won't let her die. Her rash decision proves to be the right move, because he eventually nods when she points at the correct vial, and they're able to use it on her and Finn.

A New Council Member

Back on the ship, Jaha admits to the assembled station reps that they've had secrets kept from them and are right to feel deceived. He tells them that the 320 people who died bought them time to prepare to return to Earth, which should be cause for celebration; they're going home, and their loved ones didn't die in vain.

But the group is still suspicious, and even an outburst from Jaha about losing his son and Diana trying to convince them that he's sacrificed too, doesn't totally sway them. In an effort to win them over, Jaha tells them that Diana has earned a place on the Council, and when they all cheer the announcement, I feel can't help but feel like she planned this all along. Sketchy.

Clarke Loses It

Back on Earth, after Finn is given the antidote and Raven runs to get him some water, Clarke breaks down over his unconscious form and tells him she can't do all this without him. When Abby comes over the speakers and tells her daughter she's proud and that her father would be proud, the girl has finally had enough.

Clarke reveals to her mother that she knows her father is dead thanks to her mother, and that Wells was the one to tell her the truth. Abby cries and tries to explain, saying Jaha was supposed to talk him out of it, but Clarke is fed up. She hits the radio and says she doesn't want to talk with her mother, and Abby cries at the other end of the frequency. Hopefully that didn't totally destroy their communication with the Ark because if so, good move Clarke. Not.

The Grounder's Secret

Clarke goes up to try to clean the wound on the Grounder's hand, but he won't cooperate. He does allow Octavia to help him though, and when Clarke tries to say she was just trying to save Finn, Octavia retorts that she was the one who did that in the end. 

Clarke leaves following this exchange, and when Octavia apologizes to the Grounder, he quietly whispers "Thank you" back. So he CAN speak English, or he's at least picking it up quickly. 

Another guy on the far side of the room comes over and asks if the Grounder said something, but Octavia denies it. She's keeping the Grounder's secret safe -- for now.

Bellamy's Wise Words

Finn wakes up in the shelter, and Clarke leaves him and Raven to embrace while she goes out to check the damage outside in the camp. Bellamy pulls her away after she makes a comment to him that proves she's clearly feeling unsettled about the whole thing with the Grounder, and tells her that the person she is and the person she needs to be in order to survive are very different. He would know, I guess.

Clarke argues that they can't keep the Grounder locked up, but Bellamy replies that they can't let him go because he'll just come back with reinforcements. So they're stuck. Bellamy makes a comment about it not being easy being in charge, and Clarke seems to be beginning to understand that leaders have to make tough choices for those who follow them, like Bellamy has had to do in the past.

The Next Problem

Back on the Ark, Kane's mother says God will forgive his mistakes, but he needs to forgive himself first. It's a cute scene and shows a vulnerable side to Kane that the show apparently made one of the themes of the episode.

Meanwhile, Diana is welcomed to the Council, just in time for Jaha to make a crushing announcement: yes, the people of the Ark will be able to return to Earth -- but not all of them. 

The problem? There are 2,237 people on the Ark, and only enough drop ships for 700 of them. In Jaha's word, they're on the Titanic and there aren't enough lifeboats.

I was wondering how they'd extend the drama on The 100 once the issue of figuring out whether Earth was survivable was resolved, and I guess this is how. I find it hard to believe that with all those people who've kept the ship running all that time, no one can figure out how to make one of the drop ships function as, well, a return ship, but that's a question for another episode I guess.

The 100 airs Wednesday nights at 9pm on the CW.

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