'The 100' Recap: Becoming Grounders
'The 100' Recap: Becoming Grounders
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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The 100 make further advances to prepare for the arrival of the Grounders, but face one major setback when Murphy seeks revenge for his past abuse at their hands. 

The Ark is Doomed

The bulk of tonight's episode of The 100 took place on Earth, but there were still some developments up on the Ark as well.

With only 51 hours left before life on the Ark is no longer possible, Jaha makes the announcement that all available resources are being released and rationing is over. He reassures his people that, while they may die, their legacy will live on in the resilient members of the 100 who are still surviving on the ground.

Kane has trouble accepting the news, and continues to work towards finding a way to save the Ark and its people. Abby is also in denial, trying and failing to save a patient during her possible final hours and having a small freak-out about never seeing Clarke again when the patient dies. Her assistant with the patient tries to reassure her, but Abby is still distraught that she'll never be able to make things right with her daughter.

The Ark is Saved?

Jaha watches an old tape of Wells and Clarke practicing for Unity Day, and a comment Clarke makes about the Ark's thrusters gives him an idea that might just save the ship after all.

Chancellor Jaha goes to Kane, Sinclair, and Abby with his idea: use the Ark's thrusters to propel the ship to Earth, rather than to keep the ship out of the Earth's atmosphere as they are designed to do. Sinclair tells him that ninety-five percent of the ship would be destroyed if they tried, and Jaha challenges him to pinpoint the five percent that would not. After all, what have they got to lose?

Bellamy Lays Down the Law

On Earth, the 100 are digging land mines to prepare for the Grounders' attack, and Bellamy is criticized for not going after Clarke, Finn and Monty, who are still missing. But Bellamy is firm: no one is to leave the camp, and no one is to waste any of their precious ammo before the Grounders arrive.

Jasper later argues with Bellamy about not going after the others, saying they would have gone looking for him, but Bellamy really believes he's doing what's right for the whole group by not having some leave the camp to look for a few missing members. He means well, but it does seem kind of awful to leave the three to fend for themselves. 

Murphy's Revenge

But as it turns out, danger doesn't only lurk outside of the camp on this episode of The 100, but within it as well. After their argument, Jasper goes to an upper level of the ship and Bellamy goes to retrieve water for the still-injured Myles, who's resting on the middle level. While they're gone, Murphy approaches the incapacitated youth and suffocates him. Why? "For tying the noose they hung me with," he states.

Big problem, though -- Jasper comes down from the upper level just in time to see Murphy with his hand still holding the bag he used to kill Myles, and it's clear he knows what happened. Murphy grabs a gun, and while Jasper tries to talk him down, he turns on his walkie talkie so Bellamy hears just enough to know Murphy has Jasper cornered and that he killed Myles.

So Murphy closes himself and Jasper within the ship, and says Bellamy had better not try anything or he'll kill Jasper. So Bellamy is left in the impossible position of attempting to juggle the inability to access the resources needed to fight the approaching Grounders, trying to decide what to do about their missing group members, and now having to figure out how to save Jasper as well.

An Enemy in the Camp

Luckily, Raven and Bellamy come up with another way for her to enter the ship, but she needs time to get in. Bellamy states to Murphy that he knows he wants Bellamy, not Jasper, and he offers a trade that Murphy accepts. Bellamy enters the ship when Murphy opens the door, and Jasper is tossed out, beat up a bit, but mostly in good shape.

While Murphy presents a monologue to Bellamy while forcing him to tie a noose, Raven and Jasper crawl beneath their confrontation to try to find the wiring for the door. There, they discover a ton of hydrazine, so shooting through the floor at Murphy isn't an option since it's highly flammable. 

Murphy tells Bellamy he wants him to feel what he felt, and that he doesn't want an apology, before demanding the other boy step onto a stoop to loop the noose around his neck. He shoots his gun a couple times, thoroughly freaking Octavia out where she's standing outside, and luckily the hydrazine doesn't blow the whole place to bits.

Finally, Raven finds the correct wire and tells Jasper to get out before she does anything just in case. But just after Bellamy tells Murphy he should've stopped the crowd that tried to hang him, Murphy shoots at the floor, presumably where Raven is, and kicks the stool Bellamy is standing on so he hangs.

Luckily, Raven found the right wire in time, and a group including Octavia and Jasper rush in to rescue Bellamy. Murphy uses gunpowder to blast a hole in the side of the ship and escape, but Bellamy says to leave him for the Grounders: he and Jasper will be busy going after Clarke, Finn and Monty anyway.

Clarke and Finn's Fate

Speaking of, Clarke is still with Anya and her group, thinking Finn is being killed or is already dead somewhere at the beginning of the episode. A man named Tristan shows up, and he's apparently been tasked with taking over the whole thing and to lead the attack against the 100; they are to march at first light.

When the group sees a signal fire, Tristan orders to kill Clarke, and Anya tells one of her men to do so as she and Tristan depart with most of their warriors. Luckily, the person told to kill her is Lincoln is disguise, and he instead brings her to Finn, whom he saved by killing one of his own and rescuing him; he also set the signal fire to lure the Grounders away in order to help the two escape. Any doubt that he's not on their side still lingering?

The Escape Plan

Lincoln, Finn and Clarke fight to escape the Grounders, who quickly figure out what happened and go after them, ending up in a mine that is supposedly rife with danger. That's sure to end well. The term "reaper" is thrown around several times, but when Finn questions Lincoln about it, all he'll say is that they better hope they never find out what one is.

Well, that's too bad, because they end up becoming acquainted with them soon enough. They come upon a group of them in the mine, committing cannibalism and generally being terrifying and gross, and Lincoln decides that he'll distract them so Finn and Clarke can get back to their camp and get the 100, especially Octavia, away before the Grounders arrive.

Lincoln tells them to go to Luna, a friend who lives by the Eastern Sea, for help, then kills one of the Reapers and is chased by them in order to give Finn and Clarke time to escape. As they're leaving, Clarke sees that what she thought were bodies in carts nearby are actually live (though wounded) people, and she stops long enough for Finn to be attacked by a Reaper who is still creeping around. Whoops!

Finn's Confession

Finn manages to bash the Reaper's head in, killing it in the process. Later, when they've escaped the mine, he's clearly upset that he had to kill someone to save himself, attempting to wash the blood from his hands in a nearby stream. 

Clarke tries to comfort him, and Finn somehow turns the moment into a love confession, which, really man, come on -- worst timing ever. Clarke tells Finn he broke her heart, but before they can really get into the nitty gritty of the situation, they hear an explosion from their camp and make their way there instead. 

"We Are Grounders"

Clarke and Finn make their way back to camp, and it's only then that everybody realizes that nobody knows where Monty is. But they're pretty distracted by the fact that an extremely dangerous army is approaching, so he's quickly forgotten again. 

Clarke and Finn argue that they need to run before the Grounders arrive, but Bellamy wants to stay and fight in the camp they're already fortified. He makes an impassioned speech to the group about how they are the Grounders now, since they're on the ground and all -- clever, eh?

But Clarke isn't swayed, and she orders the others to pack only what they can carry and be ready to run. And just then, Raven wanders onto the scene, having been shot by Murphy after all, so things have just gotten a bit more complicated going into the final episode of The 100 this season. 

Bellamy confronts Clarke, telling her that crowds make bad decisions, like in the case of Murphy, and that as leaders they need to do what they think is right. Clarke replies that that's what she was doing, and that's that. It's nice to see a tough female character acting as the real leader of their little band of misfits, but we'll see if it backfires on her in the finale episode next week.

Will the rest of the 100 escape the Grounders' wrath? Or will we see more casualties before the season's end? 

The season finale of The 100 airs next Wednesday at 9pm on the CW.

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