'The 100' Recap: A Virus Strikes the 100
'The 100' Recap: A Virus Strikes the 100
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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The Grounders retaliate with biological warfare in tonight's episode of The 100.
There are no Ark scenes on tonight's The 100, but it's still referenced right from the beginning, when several of the 100 are looking at the site of the Exodus ship crash that occurred at the end of last week's episode. Raven says she needs a black box, hard drives, anything to get a clue as to what happened.

What she gets instead is some fuel/oil that Clarke stumbles upon. Raven says they need to clear the site since it's highly explosive, but that discovery proves important later in the episode.

Murphy's Return

At the camp, Jasper impresses everyone with his story about the meeting with the Grounders, where he's made out to look like a hero, and Octavia is sick of hearing it. As she tries not to pay attention to his grandstanding, she notices a flower hung in a nearby tree outside the walls, but she is unsure of what it means.

And just then, they're all given something else to gossip about and wonder over anyway, when Murphy stumbles towards the camp. When Bellamy and Clarke interrogate him, he claims he was with the Grounders, being tortured. 

Bellamy wants to end him right then and there, as he would have if the boy hadn't instead been banished a few episodes earlier, but Finn argues that since he was with the Grounders, he'll have intel and should be used for that. So Bellamy agrees that he can stay as long as he's giving them information; if he doesn't, Clarke says, then they'll kill him. 

A Bromance Threatened

Monty gets a little sick of Jasper's gloating, and they have a fight that threatens to ruin their bromance. In their arguing, Jasper tells Monty, "Go float yourself," which I kind of love.

Jasper thinks his friend is just jealous of him, and when Monty argues that he thought Jasper was cool before he went off and killed some people, Jasper basically kicks him out of their fancy new, bigger tent that he was rewarded with after the Grounder confrontation. Not Jasty! Or...Monsper? I guess I don't know what their bromance name would be. 

The Virus Sets In

Clarke and Raven talk a little, and Raven admits that she's still heard nothing from the Ark. She also says she's sorry about what happened to Clarke's mom, since, if you'll recall, Clarke thinks she's dead as of the last scene of the previous episode of The 100.

During their conversation, Clarke's eyes randomly start to bleed, which, ew. Outside, other members of the camp are suffering the same ailment, and it's quickly determined that it started with whomever touched Murphy when he was brought into the camp and spread from those people since. 


When Murphy is questioned, he says he was able to waltz out of his cage with the Grounders because it wasn't locked, and Clarke realizes that they wanted him to escape and bring the sickness back to them all. When Bellamy comes in, Clarke explains that they are now facing biological warfare, and that everyone who might have been affected needs to be quarantined. That doesn't include certain characters, including Bellamy and Raven.

Murphy claims he didn't know anything about the Grounders plan, and soon after that admission, one of the members of the 100 who's fallen ill promptly dies. So, even if he didn't realize what he was doing, Murphy is suddenly a very deadly weapon. 

Octavia is one of the people who touched Murphy when he was brought in, so Bellamy has to have her quarantined, much to his displeasure. But when Clarke examines her, she shows no symptoms. But Clarke convinces Bellamy to keep her in quarantine anyway, and to think of it as a way to keep her from sneaking off to Lincoln. Octavia basically tells Clarke to go float herself for that comment. 

Lincoln's Answers

However, Clarke has a trick up her sleeve. She instead tells Octavia to go find Lincoln to figure out a cure, so the girl heads out for her Grounder love and finds him in his spooky cave. He tells her he tried to warn her to leave the camp with the flower he left, but she didn't understand that that was what he was trying to do. Not all of us speak flower, dude. 

Unfortunately, Lincoln explains that there is no cure for the virus. He also reveals that some are immune, and he's not surprised Octavia is one of them. Lincoln also says that the virus doesn't have to be deadly, however, and is more about incapacitating the enemy ranks before a battle. That's right, the Grounders are planning an attack against the camp at dawn the next day. And it's not gonna be pretty. 

Lincoln tells Octavia that he's planning on leaving the Grounders, since they think he's a traitor for being with her now anyway, and he tries to convince her to join him. She says she has to stay long enough to try to keep her brother from being killed, but agrees to join him the next day. 

The Virus Spreads

As others start to get sick, the 100 start panicking, and Clarke has to remind them all that turning against each other is what the Grounders want them to do. When she almost collapses after that announcement, Finn catches her, even though he's not sick, but could very well end up that way for touching her.

Octavia warns them all of the impending Grounder attack, and tells them that while they will probably get better from the sickness, there is no cure for it. So Bellamy tells Raven to start making bullets so they'll be ready when the time comes. 

Murphy gives up his bed for Clarke when she's brought into the quarantined area, and he admits that he's already feeling better. So he and Octavia are tasked with caring for the wounded, keeping them hydrated and the like, and Clarke tries to convince Finn at her bedside to lead those who are still well away from the camp. Of course, he won't do that, but it's interesting that she offers it as a suggestion.

Plan of Attack

A small group makes bullets and start to formulate a plan, and Monty and Jasper are a part of that group. They bicker a little bit and Raven tells them to shut up. Go Raven!

Finn suggests building a bomb to blow up the bridge connecting the Grounder's camp to the part of land where the 100's camp is, saying that it should delay the attack long enough for several of their people to get better, and it's not a bad idea. So Raven goes back to the crash site of the Exodus ship, and retrieves some of the explosive fuel to build such a bomb.

Raven, Bellamy and Finn then come up with a plan while Raven collects the necessary items to build the bomb: Finn will plant the bomb on the bridge, and someone will have to shoot it from afar to set it off. 

That someone is chosen to be Jasper, the one-shot wonder, by Bellamy. He's the only one of their shooters who isn't sick, and plus, he proved himself oh-so-worthy with the Grounder meeting, after all. Then Bellamy collapses when he falls victim to the virus as well, so things are getting real bad, real fast for the 100.


Murphy is helping the guy who put the noose around his neck back when he was almost hanged, and the other guy asks him why he's aiding him. "Bygones," Murphy says. Has the former member of the 100 really turned over a new leaf?

Just then, Bellamy is brought into the makeshift infirmary, and Octavia fusses over him. She tells her big brother she'll never let anything happen to him, and Bellamy says he told her that the day she was born, which she knows, since he's told her a million times. Aw. 

Planting the Bomb

Jasper, Finn and Monty realize soon after that Raven has made off with the bomb on her own, and Finn and Jasper go after her. Monty stays behind, still hurt by Jasper brushing him off as well as their friendship.

When Raven moves through the woods to get to the bridge with the bomb components, her nose starts bleeding, which doesn't bode well since she has kind of an important mission and all. She manages to make it to the bridge and puts all the pieces together there, but drums start pounding in the distance as she works. War drums. 

Second Chances

At camp, Bellamy is tended to by Murphy, which he doesn't like one bit. Clarke intercepts, and they chat a little about their traitor friend. He can't believe she trusts Murphy, but she insists that she doesn't -- but she does believe in second chances.

Speaking of second chances, Bellamy admits that he thinks the others should run from camp, and Clarke asks if he doesn't think Jasper and Finn can pull off their mission. Apparently he doesn't have much faith in other people, who knew?

Moment of Truth

Finn and Jasper hear the war drums and run towards the bridge, where they spot Raven finish putting together the bomb. When she is done and tries to walk away from the bomb, she stumbles and falls, and Finn runs to save her while demanding that Jasper set up his shot. 

Finn manages to stop Raven from trying to shoot the bomb so close, and drags her away as the Grounders get closer and closer. Jasper, anxious, takes his shot at the bomb from a distance -- and misses.

But just then, his buddy Monty shows up and reassures him that he can do it. Jasper doesn't hit the bomb the second time either, but with a bit more encouragement from Monty, he makes it on the third try, and the bridge goes down. Or rather, up -- in smoke, that is. The camp witnesses the smoke rising from their location, and they know Jasper saved the day.

Saying Goodbye

When Octavia goes to Lincoln and says she had to stop the attack, Lincoln reveals that a group called the Mountain Men will now come and kill them all, and that they have to leave. He won't elaborate when she questions him, however, any further than just to say they're in the drawings in the notebook he gave her. 

Octavia breaks the news to her lover that she isn't going with him, and when he asks why, as she'll probably die there, she says only that the rest of the 100 are her people. She tells him she's sorry as she cries, and gives him one last kiss on the cheek before departing. But surely that's not the last we'll see of Lincoln! I hope not, anyway. He's damn interesting.

Another Break-Up

Jasper and Monty both are heralded as heroes when they come back to the camp, and the others don't notice when Finn, behind them, carries in a sick Raven as well.  But it doesn't take long for her to get better, and later, after examining her and stating that the girl is getting stronger, Clarke leaves Finn and Raven to talk.

Turns out, it's a break-up talk, because Raven tells Finn she's realizes he doesn't love her the way she wants him to, and not the way he loves Clarke. She then gives him the necklace he made her, and breaks up with him from her infirmary bed. So, that's one love triangle over. For now.

We Need to Talk About Murphy

At the end of the episode, Clarke and Bellamy talk outside of the camp's walls, where Clarke stands before 14 total graves. Bellamy wants to talk about what they're going to do with Murphy, but then they skip to talking about getting soldiers ready to face the Mountain Men instead. Must be the next big storyline on The 100

But they really should have talked about Murphy, because as it turns out, he maybe isn't the redeemed guy he appears to be after all. In the final scene of tonight's episode, he suffocates the guy who tried to hang him all those episodes ago, and spits out the word "bygones" as he does it. Cold. The guy dies in his sick bed, with Raven sleeping just a few feet away.

What did you all think of tonight's episode of The 100? Will Lincoln be back? Will Murphy continue to murder other 100 members? We'll have to continue watching to find out!

The 100 airs Wednesday nights at 9pm on the CW.

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