'Terra Nova' Season 1 Preview Guide: It's No Walk In The (Jurassic) Park
'Terra Nova' Season 1 Preview Guide: It's No Walk In The (Jurassic) Park
One of Fox's new offerings this fall, Terra Nova, has been quite a few years in the making. Remember when the network first pegged the Steven Spielberg-produced drama for winter of last year? And then they moved it to fall of this year, but with a sneak preview this May (not unlike what the network did with Glee). But the undertaking is just so big that they had to cancel that sneak peek and start everything this September. And yet we did not get tired of waiting.

Well, here it is now -- Terra Nova season 1 kicks off with a two-hour premiere on September 26, and after a long time spent on all those visual effects, we'll finally see what the fuss is all about. So what is it all about anyway?

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Terra Nova is set in the year 2149, at a time when mankind is in danger of extinction -- Earth is overcrowded, most plants and animals are extinct, and we're making things worse. But with the discovery of a crack in time -- a crack that leads back to early, early, early history -- the plan for mankind to start over again is hatched. Thus, the formation of a human colony, Terra Nova, which happens to be surrounded by dinosaurs.

But these creatures aren't the bad guys -- although the show's producers have promised that the dinosaurs will still pose a threat. It's the humans who will make things much more complicated. Typical. So who are the major players? When Terra Nova season 1 kicks off, expect these people:

The Shannons

Jim Shannon (Jason O'Mara) is Terra Nova's main protagonist, a devoted dad whose past isn't as perfect as it seems. He gets him and his family a spot at Terra Nova (or, if you saw the trailer, it's more of stealing that slot) but they stay anyway because his wife, Elisabeth (Shelley Conn) is a trauma surgeon, which the new human colony needs.

Their three kids aren't all excited about the move back to the past: middle child Maddy (Naomi Scott) sees the move as a chance to reinvent herself. Her older brother, Josh (Landon Liboiron), is quite peeved that he has to start over again... at least until he meets fellow Terra Nova resident Skye (Allison Miller). And then there's the youngest child, Zoe, who will make things complicated for everyone... but we don't know what, yet.

The Terra Nova Bosses

Is it safe to say that Stephen Lang's character, Commander Nathaniel Taylor, is the resident bad guy of Terra Nova season 1? Maybe, but he is the leader of this brave new world, after all -- someone has to maintain order. Working with him is his right-hand man Guzman (Mido Hamada), the tough Alicia Washington (Simone Kessell), and the mysterious Lucas (Ashley Zuckermann).

The Other Residents

Not everybody is happy with the way Taylor runs things, however. Among the residents is a splinter group, led by Mira (Christine Adams), who is bent on changing the leadership. Jim will also find a rival for himself among his new neighbors: Malcolm Wallace (Rod Hallett) will be gunning for Elisabeth's affections, and since he's also a doctor, you can expect sparks to fly.

Terra Nova season 1 took a while to get here -- and we're not just talking about the shooting in Australia -- but it's finally here, and my fingers are crossed this whole thing looks good. And that it stays on the air. It kicks off with a two-hour premiere on September 26, from 8pm, on Fox. Why not check out the trailer below?

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