'Terra Nova' Recap: The Skye is Falling
'Terra Nova' Recap: The Skye is Falling
On this week's episode of Terra Nova, Taylor goes in search of his son's carvings and gets a bit more than he bargained for. This leaves Jim in charge as Commander of Terra Nova with the responsibility of finding the mole. I have a weird gut feeling that the mole is a large, brawny man.

New Protocols

Taylor is planning on having a nice afternoon walk and maybe enjoy a quiet picnic reading Ulysses under a giant tree. Sure he says he is going to look for Lucas, but I see through his lies. Before he leaves, he is told by some lowly serf-like soldier that he isn't allowed to leave unless he gets approval by Taylor according to new rules in place to find the spy. What an intelligent army you have there, Commander Taylor. He lets Jim know that he will be acting commander and heads outside of the gates. Taylor goes to the falls and is found by a gun-wielding Mira who takes him prisoner.

Back in Terra Nova, Jim and Mark are in a watchtower when they notice a strange light coming out of the jungle. I guess no one taught any of the soldiers Morse Code, which would probably go a long way in finding a mole. Mark finds a light from a construction site so he and Jim head that way. They get to the construction site, but just miss the mole. We then learn that the mole is Skye! (Dun dun dun!) She escapes Jim but leaves a drop of blood in paint sealant.

Death March

Mira is leading Taylor through the jungle, but can't seem to get in contact with the other Sixers. It's like one of those outdated Verizon commercials, only with the threat of being shot or eaten by a dinosaur. Now that I think about it, those would make much better commercials. Since there is nothing else to do in the jungle, the two start awkward small talk and we learn from Mira that most of the sixth pilgrimage was set up by wealthy financiers in 2149. Taylor manages to escape Mira and takes her prisoner instead.

Jim has problems of his own in camp. He tries to extract the blood from the sealant but makes things even worse. He takes the entire beaker of sealant to Elizabeth to see if she can get any DNA from it. Of course not Jim! You ruined the sample! Why didn't you just call a scientist to the construction site? I think that I would make a much better temporary commander. Sure I would become power hungry in about three minutes, but at least I would know how to handle a DNA sample.

Hi Mom

In town, Skye sees Josh getting ready to head outside of the gates to work on an irrigation ditch. So let me get this straight. The soldiers take Taylor's new rules so seriously that they threaten to not let Taylor leave, but they'll let a huge group of volunteers to dig holes in the jungle. Sounds like a great plan to me. Skye tags along and soon leaves into the jungle to meet up with the Sixers. It seems that there was a big disease that ravaged Terra Nova, but the Sixer's are the only one with a cure. They are taking care of Skye's sick mother in return for information. I guess those fancy Terra Nova computers are no match for the great scientific minded Sixers!

Back in the lab, Malcolm has performed a miracle and retrieved some usable blood from the paint sealant. Jim gives the sample for analysis but is told that it will take until the next day to get a reading. It looks like this mystery will be solved once and for all. That is until Skye has to do her medical work that evening and pours acid onto the sample. With all of their security technology you would think that they would simply install some security cameras.

Slasher Territory

Taylor and Mira take a drink break from the long march to Mira's rover. How far away did she park that thing? They start to have an actual conversation when they are rudely interrupted by a pair of slashers. It's a good thing that slashers are slower than humans because Taylor and Mira make a run for it and reach a waterfall. Taylor frees Mira's handcuffs and both make the long plunge into the waters below. It looks like the two will now have to work together to survive. It was at this point that I was praying to the television gods to not turn this story into some weird love triangle.

Meanwhile, Jim is told about the ruined blood sample. He has Elizabeth make a list of everyone who has access to the sample including patients and their family. In the middle of all this searching for the mole, Mark comes up to Jim and essentially asks to marry his teenage daughter. Of course Jim says no considering that all history books in 2149 talk about the downfall of American civilization beginning with the whole Courtney Stodden wedding.

Night Survival

Taylor and Mira are preparing their new camp for the night. Taylor makes a bow and arrow without the use of tools, sandpaper, or string. The man is truly a survivalist. While Mira is making a flammable substance the two start to open up about working together. Mira says that Lucas is close to finishing his work and one side will soon prevail over the other. That is when the slasher couple breaks up the conversation. Taylor and Mira work together to burn one alive while the other one comes in for attack.

The following morning, Taylor and Mira allow each other to go separate ways. Taylor gets back to the camp and learns that Jim is closer to finding the mole. The DNA tests got far enough to show that it was a female so he has a list of 47 names. It looks like the walls will soon be closing in on Skye.

I left out the whole storyline about Zoe having to give up her baby dinosaur because every time I point out how shoddy the CG dinosaurs look I make people mad. See readers, I'm listening! On next the next episode of Terra Nova, Lucas is finished with his science fair project and gets a blue ribbon.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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