'Terra Nova' Recap: Returning the Favor
'Terra Nova' Recap: Returning the Favor
On this week's episode of Terra Nova, Josh is called on to return his favor to the Sixers and Maddy meets her favorite nerd scientist, but things aren't always as they appear. We also meet more new dinosaurs to enter into your Terra Nova Pokedex.

Gone Fishing

We open the episode with Taylor and Jim hanging out fishing. Just like Texas, everything is bigger in Terra Nova, and that includes the sail fish. It's so big and computer-animated that it almost pulls Jim right off of a cliff. Silly Jim, the fish's pixels are the source of its strength, and this one had pixels galore.

Back at Terra Nova, all of the nerds, including Maddy, are excited about the return of Ken Horton from an expedition to learn more about Terra Nova. While Horton is less than kind to Malcolm, he takes Maddy under his wing and makes her his new intern, hopefully in a very un-Clintonesque sense.

Josh is working at the bar when Boylin tells him that Mira has called in her favor for bringing Kara to Terra Nova. She wants him to steal medicine from the infirmary for the Sixers. Knowing that this is a terrible idea, Skye tries to talk him out of doing it. Josh ignores her advice in the same way that he ignores her flirting.

Selective Memory

Maddy begins working with Horton in his lab, which is full of fun things like rock samples. She starts making corny rock-related puns, which Horton appreciates. It's weird because Maddy gets the puns from Horton's book, but he doesn't remember writing them. He blames it on his old age and the stroke that he suffered years before.

Horton then takes Maddy to an apple orchard that seems to produce only bad apples. I heard that this is because it only takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch.

Coming back from their fishing expedition, Jim and Taylor come across a destroyed camp. Taylor suspects Curran, who was banished for murder as well as for having a terrible name. Taylor sends Jim back to Terra Nova so he can investigate.

That night, Josh and Boylin go to the Sixer camp where Josh wants proof that Kara is coming with the Eleventh Pilgrimage. Mira turns on her nifty holophone where Kara and Josh have a nice little chat.

The Perfect Crime

Now that Josh knows that Kara will come if he steals the meds, he has Boylin make him a copy of his mom's access card. Boylin also gives Josh a gun in case he runs into any trouble. Josh clumsily breaks into the infirmary but finds out that his fake access card works as well as my old fake ID did, which is not at all. He comes up with the bright idea of shooting open the medicine cabinet and hurts himself in the process.

It turns out that breaking into places is a family skill set. Maddy breaks into Horton's lab to investigate further. She gave Horton an old note that he sent her from 2149, but the signatures didn't match. She finds the note burnt in the garbage can. She is almost caught by Horton, but escapes being noticed due to movie magic.

The Patsy

The next day, Josh and his parents are gardening. Jim and Elizabeth keep talking about what a horrible person the medicine thief must be. I mean, the guy must either be a junky or just a complete moron. There's no way he would steal for any good motive.

This of course upsets Josh, so he leaves in a huff. He goes to talk to Boylin who confirmed that Kara would be coming on the next pilgrimage, and then comes up with a plan to frame the crime on a drunken man in his debt.

Maddy is busy herself. She gets the envelope Horton sent her from 2149 and matches the DNA with Horton's coffee cup. Malcolm catches her using the DNA-Matchomatic and scolds her for using it until he finds out it is being used against Horton. He helps her, but they find the DNA is a match. Lurking in the shadows is Horton, who knows that the jig is up.

Coming Clean

In the jungles, Taylor tracks down Curran and helps him fight off a Kimodo, which is like a giant lizard mixed with the spitting dinosaur that killed Newman in Jurassic Park. Taylor tells Curran he'll let him back into Terra Nova if he can find out who the Sixers' mole is.

In Terra Nova, Jim interrogates the patsy that Boylin sets up. Of course the guy gives up that Boylin set him up in about two seconds. Boylin needs to find better fall guys. Did he learn nothing from Goodfellas?

Maddy is in the WikEYEpedia room doing research on Horton's old assistants and finds out that a man named Andrew killed Horton and took his identity. Andrew pops up behind her, but Maddy is saved by someone who walks into the room. She tries to flee, but Andrew takes Zoe to draw out Maddy.

He lures her to the apple orchard, where Maddy tells Zoe to go to Jim and tell him about asparagus. Andrew then tries to have Maddy killed by a spider bite when Jim appears and saves the day. It turns out that asparagus is the family safe word for both stranger danger as well as in the bedroom.

That night, Josh comes clean to his family and Jim and Taylor find out that Lucas is working for the Sixers making a connection back to the future.

This was another episode of Terra Nova, which is good if you are a fan and mediocre if you are not. All this talk about Ken Horton got me hungry for some donuts from Tim Horton's. Next week, a mystery skeleton may get Jim in trouble with Taylor.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of FOX)

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