'Terra Nova' Finale Recap: You Gotta Fight For Your Right
'Terra Nova' Finale Recap: You Gotta Fight For Your Right
On this week's episode of Terra Nova, Lucas has finished his work on his two-way portal, and is starting his plan to bring in those who want to destroy Terra Nova. It is up to the Shannon family and Taylor to take back the colony. This was a special two-hour finale with a lot of plot points stuffed inside, so let's get to it.

The Eleventh Pilgrimage

Back in the great year of 2149, Lucas is busy rubbing elbows with a skeevy business man name Weaver. In between their maniacal laughter they discuss sending in their private army to take over Terra Nova. Eighty-five million years earlier, Josh asks Jim if he could join him at the portal and wait for Kara to come through. Jim tells him no, but assures him that he will take care of Kara. With that Jim Shannon Guarantee I'm sure there is no way that anything bad will happen. Jim goes to the portal where Taylor is setting up his forces to handle the incoming eleventh pilgrimage. Everything starts going smoothly, with the first few people coming through OK. Soon Kara comes out, to the relief of Jim. Unfortunately, the reunion is short-lived, with a suicide bomber coming out behind Kara. The man triggers his bomb vest and we are treated to extreme blue screen explosions.

Jim wakes up in the infirmary, but is having trouble hearing. I guess he never learned his lesson from Pete Townsend about not putting your ears next to explosions. He hobbles outside to see that the colony has been destroyed with enemy tanks and troops wandering the streets.He tries to go to Taylor's but is stopped by soldiers. Inside, Mira and Lucas are reigning as the first inter-racial dynasty the world has ever seen. Elizabeth finds him and tells him that the family is safe and that he had been knocked out for three days. Jim also learns that Taylor is missing. At no point is she amazed by the speedy recovery of his ear drums.

Forming a Plan

Jim goes back home to see his family and learn more about life in the new Terra Nova. He learns that Kara was killed in the blast, meaning that all that Josh did for the Sixer's was for naught. Oops. Jim learns that Washington is being held captive by the troops and plans on going to talk to her. The 2149 troops put Washington in the most secure place for a prisoner of war, which is Boylin's bar. It makes no sense to me how someone being held captive can have conversations with anyone in a bar, so don't ask. Jim learns that the group is called the Phoenix Group, which is like the Blackwater of 2149. Wash also tells Jim that they brought a two way portal with them, but it was destroyed by dinosaurs so they are having to fix it. The Phoenix Group has forced Malcolm to fix their portal by killing his former lab assistant. Jim goes to see him but is cut off by Mira and Lucas who want him to tell them where Taylor is. Jim acts deaf, dumb, and lame, which is surprisingly easy for him. Convinced that Jim is an idiot, they leave.

The next day, Lucas and Mira get news from Hope Plaza from Weaver. Mira is then ordered to take a group out into the Badlands, which sounds like a place where nothing good can happen. Skye then comes in and talks to Lucas. He forgives her for telling Taylor and calls her his sister. This is awkward, and after watching Dexter I thought I was done with anything remotely close to incest. I guess not. Outside, Jim and Josh are in a bread line talking about fighting back. Jim tells Josh that he should go back to Boylin's and spy on the Phoenix Group. Sounds like a plan with no danger whatsoever. At the infirmary, Elizabeth is removing bullets from a wounded Phoenix Group soldier and notices something engraved on the bullet. She calls Jim and they find out that it was Taylor etching in his coordinates into each of his bullets. It was ridiculous when it was on TV, but it sounds even more stupid now that I type it.

The Big Bang

Lucas and Weaver are looking over a valley and talking about stripping it of all its resources. As if they weren't being portrayed as bad enough people, Weaver then shoots a brachiosaurus to show that he's super cereal. They plan on bombing the whole area, killing everything and taking out the mineral ore underneath. A group of Phoenix' go into the jungle and plant a bomb. Meanwhile, Jim meets up with Taylor and formulate a plan on getting Terra Nova back. The get word of the bombing and track the explosive device by it's radio transmitter. They get to the bomb and disarm it before Lucas and Weaver can detonate it.

Taylor and Jim then catch up on what has happened and also trade gossip like a bunch of Chatty Cathy's. Jim then leaves and is brought into his home by a bunch of troops who say they found him wandering around confused. Once again, Jim plays stupid very well. He goes to be with Elizabeth and celebrates waking up from his mini-coma by participating in sweet, sweet intercourse. The next day, Jim and Wash work together bugging troops and vehicles, alerting Taylor to attacks and helping ambush them. Lucas gets fed up with this and takes action by drinking heavily. It sounds like me if I were a general. He goes to Boylin's and meets with Skye and continues his creepy "sister love" talk, only to be attacked by Josh. Lucas beats him, and Jim comes in to help, only to be taken captive as well. Lucas finds Jim's transponder that he talks to Taylor with and has them both taken to the brig.

Placebo Effect

In the brig, Josh apologizes for being a brat all season long, which Jim accepts. Lucas comes in and says that Josh is free to go due to the urging of Skye. Since Josh is technically single now, he should really go after her. In the infirmary, Elizabeth is treating Weaver for bug bites and tells him that she injected him with parasites. She tells Weaver that she'll give him the cure if he can free Jim. Weaver goes tot eh brig and tells Lucas that they have found Lucas, and then frees Jim. He goes back to Elizabeth who tells him that she made up the parasites and then injects him with a sedative. The family then heads out to escape and find Wash who tells them that she will create a distraction to get outside the gates and be picked up by Taylor. Wash then blows up a building and is shot by Lucas while Taylor is watching through binoculars.

The family makes it out and is taken to Taylor's camp where Taylor and Zoe have a heart to heart. Jim then talks to Taylor and tells him a message that Wash wanted him to know. Apparently it was about an old war strategy that Taylor used before and he comes up with a plan. It's a good plan too except for the fact that it completely shuts Terra Nova off from 2149 permanently. But who needs medicine, supplies, and other goods from a technologically advanced time? Back at Terra Nova, Weaver is told that they found something in the Badlands, but we are conveniently left in the dark. My guess is that they discovered that Pokemon are real and have a capture Pikachu.

Viva La Revolucion

One person sees the stupidity of Jim going into the future to destroy everything, and that person is Elizabeth. Jim promises her he'll be back and then straps a bomb on his back and heads out after Elizabeth gives him a giant needle full of some liquid. In Terra Nova, Lucas tells Weaver that the portal is ready and they can ship off their first cargo with the ore they found. Lucas goes to drive one of the tankers and is joined by Skye. During the drive she tells Lucas where to find Taylor and then has him pull over. He is then ambushed, which everyone but Lucas saw coming. Lucas' load is switched with one with Jim in the back and is sent through the portal.

Skye is left with Lucas, who escapes the truck and knocks her out. he then goes out looking for Taylor. Taylor finds him and they get into a fight until Lucas breaks down crying and apologizing about their past. Taylor hugs him only to be stabbed in the back. Literally. Skye then appears and shoots Lucas. She gets Taylor back on his feet and then finds that Lucas somehow escape after two gun shot wounds to the chest.

Meanwhile, Jim is in 2149 and sets up the bomb. Before he can activate it he gets into a fight with a couple dozen guards with guns. Being Jim Shannon, he somehow gets out unscathed. He has help from the Carnosaur that was sent back with him which he injected with an adrenaline needle Pulp Fiction style. Weaver is then eaten by the dino and Jim barely escapes back to Terra Nova after the bomb goes off. The Phoenix group left Terra Nova for the Badlands and that is because the thing they found there was a part of a boat. Yes, this show is now oficially a sequel to Lost. The show ends with the family watching a meteor shower which I wished was the one that killed the dinosaurs, but I was not that lucky.

Well, that's the end of the first and possible only season of Terra Nova. The show is up in the air, so we'll see what happens next year. Thanks for reading and contributing to the recaps this year, and be sure to stay tune for more Terra Nova news and articles.

What did you think of this first season? Is Terra Nova deserving of a second season?

Chase Gamradt
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