FOX Cancels 'Terra Nova'
FOX Cancels 'Terra Nova'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
FOX's epic dinosaur drama is extinct. After just one season, the network has canceled its big budget series Terra Nova.

The show was a huge gamble for FOX. It was more expensive than most network dramas and the network promoted it with high expectations. But the critics weren't overly enthusiastic about it and neither were viewers, as the show averaged 7.5 million per episode.

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However, Terra Nova isn't necessarily dead forever. A potential second season is being shopped around to other networks. This strategy has worked for shows like Friday Night Lights and Southland, but Terra Nova may have a more uphill struggle. It's hefty price tag and lack of excitement by fans or critics are not strong indicators that it will survive.

After watching the entire first season, I can't say I'm surprised or saddened by the cancellation. Terra Nova never quite figured out what it was. Sometimes it seemed like a dinosaur epic, but then several episodes would go by without any dinos, most likely due to the cost. Then it would try to be a heartwarming family drama, but that didn't work either. And then there was a big ongoing sci-fi mystery about time travel and the people funding Commander Taylor's son.

Unfortunately, Terra Nova never picked what kind of show it wanted to be, and the result was a mish-mash of meandering plots and uninteresting characters.

Are you rooting for Terra Nova to get picked up by another network, or are you fine with its extinction?

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