Terminator: Episode 7 "The Demon Hand" Recap
Terminator: Episode 7 "The Demon Hand" Recap
These short seasons are annoying.  I've really started to get into Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and, lo and behold, next week is the season (and possibly series) finale.  Tonight's episode keeps the high quality of recent episodes intact and does a lot to move forward with the Terminator mythology.  While previous episodes had tied-in to the first Terminator film (with Kyle Reese), tonight's gives a big nod to Terminator 2.  Which is cool.  It must be nice for writers to have two beloved films to look back and pick pieces and scenes to off-handedly refer to knowing that the television audience will know exactly what you're talking about.  Makes exposition really easy sometimes.

The episode begins with Cameron driving a motorcycle down an alley, dressed as a cop.  She breaks into some sort of power plant.  She disables the primary turbine and then watches as the the part of the city below her loses power and lights.  Cameron then breaks in to the evidence office of the LAPD – she sees Agent Ellison's name.  Cameron is going after the hand of last episode's terminator.  The FBI has it.

Sarah wakes Derek up in the morning.  They discuss going after Dimitry and the Turk.  Sarah sends Cameron to go do it.  Sarah calls the LAPD and tries to trick them into giving her the hand back.  The officer on the phone has no record of the hand – Ellison is keeping it a secret.  Ellison, in his office, watches an interview from Sarah's time in the mental institution.  She goes on a diatribe about how the terminators are going to kill everybody.  It looks like Ellison is beginning to believe her.  He takes the hand out of his freezer and examines it.

Ellison goes to visit Sarah Connor's cell in the mental institution.  He asks about Dr. Silverman, her doctor, where he is.  He's retired, living in a cabin in the mountains. 

Sarah breaks in to Agent Ellison's home.  There's a bible on the table (I think).  She sees that he's been reading up on her and been watching tapes of her.  She's a little disturbed by this.  Cameron infiltrates Dimitry's sister's ballet class, pretending to be a student.  She overhears a Russian man asking about Dimitry. 

John finds Derek awake and re-loading guns.  Derek asks about Dixon, says he's a liability.  Then he tells John he shouldn't trust Cameron – he tells the same thing to Sarah when she comes back.  John finds the tape in his mom's purse.  He watches the tape, sees his mom being interviewed.  We don't hear what's going on, but it makes John cry.

Cameron is going back to the ballet school.  Sarah is going to Dr. Silverman's.  John leaves that morning in a huff – Sarah figures out that he had watched the tape.  Now she watches the tape. 

The video is of Sarah signing papers that relinquishes her rights as a parent. 

Derek and Cameron stare each other down – they admit that they know each other.

Ellison beats Sarah to the punch.  He goes out to visit Dr. Silverman.  They talk about Sarah Connor.  Silverman calls her a depressive, violent, a textbook case.  But, then, Ellison passes out.  Silverman had drugged his tea. 

Cameron shows up at Maria's (Dimitry's sister).  The man from last time shows up again and Cameron kicks his ass.  Cameron promises that she can help Dimitry if Maria tells her where he is. 

Ellison wakes up and he's tied up.  Silverman thinks that Ellison is a robot from the future, so he wanted to test him with the drugs.  But, he's still not convinced, so he stabs Ellison in the leg. 

Silverman now realizes his mistake.  He asks Ellison if he thinks that the Apocalypse of the Bible and the apocalypse that Sarah Connor predicted was the same.  Silverman then tells Ellison about the scene from T2 where Arnold broke Sarah out of prison.  There's no proof, so no one who worked there talk about it.  Ellison tells him he has proof – the hand.  Silverman opens Ellison's trunk and removes the hand from a cooler. 

Silverman tells Ellison that they can't let the wrong people get a hold of the hand.  He then sticks a needle in his neck. 

John and Derek talk about John's past.  Derek tells him that being locked up, like his mom was, can do crazy things. 

Maria takes Cameron to see Dimitry.  She shows him a diamond and says that she'll pay him money for information,  He explains – he was paid to steal the Turk.  He changed the end game protocol so it would lose the final match.  He gave it to a man for twenty grand.  He gives Cameron a picture of the buyer.  Cameron leaves, while some bad guys come up and and kill Maria and Dimitry. 

Silverman lights a circle around Ellison and leaves him to burn down with his cabin.  He walks outside and finds Sarah, who just showed up.  He apologizes for not believing her – she punches him in the face and takes the hand.  She hears Ellison screaming from inside. 

It's raining and, somehow, Ellison is awake and free and OK.  He points his gun at an on the ground Silverman and asks where the hand is.  He tells him Sarah took it and then laughs. 

Sarah talks to John about the tape.  She asks if he noticed the date.  It was the day she was going to break out of the hospital, but he and Arnold beat her to it. 

They incinerate the hand. 

We watch Silverman placed in the same mental institution where he used to work.  Ellison watches. 

We see what Ellison saw in the fire – the hand of Sarah saving him. 

Derek watches as Cameron dances ballet in her room by herself.  He doesn't know what to think. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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